Putting on My Big-Girl Panties


Do people ever ask you "why?"

Why do you spend 15 hours knitting a sweater when you can buy one for 30 bucks?

Why do you spend 40 dollars on material when you can buy a dress for 20?

Why do you stay inside cooking on such a gorgeous day when you can just go out to eat?

I'll admit it.  Things just don't add up sometimes and yet I can't stop making stuff.  Stuff that I could easily buy.  Like underwear.  That's right, I made underwear (is this a new low?).  Inspired by the genius of this tutorial I cut up a pair of undies that had seen better days and made myself a pattern.  I didn't have any stretch lace hanging around and in an attempt to cut back on the spending and to use what I have, I cut some strips of cotton/lycra fabric to use as the waist and leg bindings (a la That Darn Kat Undies pattern).

The verdict?  Easy-peasy.  Seriously.

Granted, my top stitching leaves something (okay, a lot) to be desired and I think I'd like to make a couple of  tweaks to the pattern but the undies seem to fit, they're comfy, and I made them.

Those three things alone may not seem like much, but together they're awesome.

And this photo will be called "holy crap my underwear
looks big when held up by a toddler!"


  1. Wow – this is genius. Thanks for the links to the original tutorial. I’m with you – can’t stop making things even if the price and effort don’t seem to add to others. Thing is, they do add up for me because making things is absolutely satisfying. I now must add underwear to my “to make’ list.

  2. Brilliant. I won't even try it, ever, because mine would end up looking so hilariously bad. You, on the other hand, are amazing. Underwear. Who knew?

  3. Laughing out loud over the last picture...wah!

    I do get the whys and the hows...a lot. As far as the people I work with are concerned I am about one step away from living on a commune because I make jam and blankets.

    Still laughing. Awesome.

    ps. Haircut looks great!

  4. Cute child. Cute underwear. Cute everything. I want to make some too!

  5. Making stuff is so addictive! It's hard to shop without thinking, I could make this. Very cute big girl "panties" (your favorite word)!
    P.S. - I love O's bangs!

  6. You are totally not crazy (or maybe I am too)... I saw the same tutorial and thought I should do the same. Seriously, underpants are too expensive (the half-decent ones) and the look of them is usually a compromise. Thanks for posting, this is inspiring! (ha ha we've seen your knickers)

  7. Great work! I made underwear once... they were alright but really not bad considering I wasn't allergic to them (elastic is anyone else but me super alleric to it?). I used a different tutorial but pretty much the same. You can look around for "fold over elastic" (FOE) at local fabric stores etc... it's actually more like lycra/silicone - not elastic) works pretty nicely at covering the edges and giving a bit of structure. :)

  8. i am so proud of you! panties! you made some and you said it all in one post! you are awesome!

  9. Oh no you didn't! I swear I just spent $35.00 on stretch lace that arrived today. I have a total bug up my arse about sewing my own underwear. I have three different styles already cut to try out. Not sure if I will wear any of them. I sure hope so. I copied my very favorite pair that cost $12.00 each so if my plan works I am a genius. If it doesn't... well then it's quite usual. I've been pretty aware that genius is not in my genetics.

  10. Those are cute! I can't imagine anything would come off my machine looking quite that professional, though.

  11. Just found your blog and u have me laughing out loud. Thanks u (title to the post and little one in thirsties and xtra tuffs :)))


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