Obi Belt


I have loved the look of wide belts for quite some time now, but I was never sure if I could "pull it off."  Not to sound like a dumb-butt but I was never sure what to wear them with...and I didn't want to invest all that money in an awesome wide belt, only to have it sit in my closet for years to come.   So, I decided to whip one up to see if I could "pull it off."  Hence the creation of my little blue obi belt.

Hmm, I'm thinking that perhaps I should
clean the bathroom mirror before
taking a picture in it...

I had some silk dupioni left over from an old project and had just enough to make a four inch wide belt.

To make it I basically measured my waist and then decided how long I wanted the belt (I wanted mine to not quite touch in the back so I made it about three inches shorter than my waist measurement).  I then interfaced one side of the belt and cut each tie to be about the length of my waist.  I sewed each tie together inside out and then turned the tube right side out.  I then sewed the waist piece and the ties together inside out, leaving a two inch gap, turned it right side out, and hand sewed the gap closed.

My word to the wise for next time is to interface the entire waist piece.  I cut my interfacing about an inch smaller than the silk waist piece and the belt kind of folds over at the edges which drives me a bit crazy.  Other than though I think it turned out okay.

As for whether I can pull it off, the jury is still out.  I'm thinking that this tends to look better when worn with looser shirts and in trying to find something to wear with it I discovered that apparently I wear only skin-tight shirts because I could not find any loose fitting shirts (the brown one worn above is actually a maternity shirt).  Which leads me to wonder "when did I become so skanky?"


  1. I think it looks great! You've got a lovely long waist and can totally pull it off. I've no waist so if I tried it I would look like I walked out of a Jane Austen novel.

  2. THIS IS AWESOME! Seriously. I adore the use of silk and it is beautiful. And you can totally pull it off!

  3. I agree, this does look fabulous on you! Oh, for a long waist like that. No wonder you wear all fitted tops. If you sliced out the entire part of you with the obi, and stuck you back together again, you'd have my 'waist' ;-)

  4. Skanky??? You look fabulous! I love it and am going to send my daughter your way. I, for one, have no waist so that would look horrible on me, all scrunched up between my breasts and my hips -ugh! But nice to "meet" you, Carolyn, and thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment about my grandson's pic! I love that one of him! He's the light of my life!

  5. I think you are totally pulling this off. It is fab!

  6. you are definitely not a dumb-butt. LOL.
    Looks great!

  7. Anonymous31.1.11

    I have serious belt envy. This project is going on my ever-growing list of to-do's. It would be super cute with a tunic I made recently, thanks for sharing!

  8. You're definitely pulling this look off! Not only do I have belt envy but I'm having waist envy too :)


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