Two and a Half Yards


Well in case you were ever wondering, here's what you can make out of two and a half yards of luscious Valori Wells knit fabric?

One cardigan.

Two waistbands.

And one dress.

Sadly, I think that this is the last thing that I'll be able to make out of this fabric since I've used up just about every remaining scrap of it.  That's probably a good thing though since I'm guessing that you're kind of sick of seeing this fabric.

The dress is the ever lovely Oliver and S Hopscotch Dress which I happen to think is kind of perfect for everyday wear.  It's made out of knit fabric so it's incredibly comfortable plus it's long sleeved so it's a bit warmer than most dresses.  Those are both big pluses in my book.  The only downside of the pattern is that O is on the verge of outgrowing the sizes that I own so this version is actually a size four with some added length.  Fortunately, O is a bit of a string bean so this actually worked perfectly for her.  I love it when things actually work out  - like unintentional pattern matching at the seams.  Glorious, I tell you!

The neck binding is just leftover brown organic jersey from the same cardigan and harem pants.  I happen to have a tiny bit of this fabric left so you may have to put up with seeing it in at least one more project.

And lest you think that O is happy all the time, here's the face that she gives her little sister to let her know that she is not pleased.


  1. ROFLMAO, love the face in the last pic 'we are not amused'. Great dress anyway :o)

  2. so super cute - love it!! Did you find that the pattern runs tight across the chest? I ended up making size 8 to fit my skinny 5 yr old and was confused it was just me . . .

    1. It definitely has a fitted bodice. I didn't end up having to size up for my oldest kiddo, but that may just be because she runs on the slender size.

  3. Oh, the withering stare! Great dress.

  4. Oh yes, the death frown. know it well!
    the dress is gorgeous. I was just eyeing that exact fabric in an online shopping window and then tore myself away to read blogs instead, and what do I find!
    love the Hopscotch dress! beautiful sewing.

  5. Oh my gosh, that angry face is PERFECT. I have a feeling she learned that from her mother. *Duckingandrunning.*

    The dress is great! I love this pattern! Why have I not sewn more of these??!

  6. I love this dress! This pattern is definitely on my short list for this spring. And that last look is priceless!

  7. Wonderful work! This is so stunning. I adore the fabric too.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  8. I think you just sold me on the pattern. It really is great with that fabric. So cute!


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