How I Am Vs. How I Wish I Was


I wish that I was a more patient person.  I wish that I took greater pride in my workmanship.  And I wish that I took the time to make sure that the inside of every garment always looks as good as the outside.

But unfortunately, that's just not who I am.

Rather, I'm someone who begins with the best of intentions only to give up on them about halfway through.

Take my latest project -  I had every intention of binding the seam allowances and the facings with beautiful homemade bias tape, but when it came time to actually make the bias tape, I said "screw this" and broke out the serger.  The inside, therefore, is not as beautiful as it could be, but we'll just keep that as our little secret, right?

(To avoid people noticing that the inside is less than perfect, we'll just distract them with cute pictures of O wearing the jacket)

Why does she make this face all the time?
And why do I think it is so freaking cute?

The jacket was made with the Oliver and S Sunday Brunch Jacket pattern.  As with all of their patterns, it was fabulous.  It was well-written, well-drafted, and it resulted in an amazingly cute jacket.  Now I will say that there was a point in the instructions that I had to turn off my ipod and read the directions about 10 times to understand what they were talking about, but I'm pretty sure that that had more to do with my ability to understand instructions than their ability to explain them.

The fabric is an amazing flannel that is designed to look like a wool, so you get the ease of care and softness of a cotton flannel with the look of a wool.  The best of both worlds!  It was really lovely to work with and I just might purchase some more in the future since it comes in a lot of other "wool-like" designs.  And the buttons are just little wooden toggle buttons from the button stash (yay button stash!).  The buttonholes were a bit of a pain to put in (solely because I suck at putting them in) and I think I probably should have made them a bit bigger, but they are functional and they are done, so I'm going to consider myself one happy camper.

As for the label, it's cut from a bit of twill ribbon that I bought at the expo which reads "Live Long.  Laugh Often.  Love Much."  This is certainly my favorite saying of the three as you can almost always hear me laughing hysterically at something (even if it's just myself).  Here's to O growing up to see the humor in all situations...especially the most ridiculous.


  1. Carolyn,

    This jacket is absolutely adorable, as is O wearing it! Who cares how the inside looks when the outside looks so great?

    Also, I'm totally in your camp of not taking pride in my workmanship, at least when it comes to the insides of garments. The insides of my clothes would seriously terrify some other sewists. Alas, I'm not going to change anytime soon, lazy sewing and all. :D

  2. Haha, same here Carolyn and Mary! We're all in the same club...
    It looks lovely Carolyn: great job! :-)

  3. Le Gasp! O is so chic in that coat. And that 'laugh often' is the perfect final touch. Amazing job, seriously!

    And that face she makes? Adorbs!

  4. lovely jacket and she looks adorable in it. I'm with you on the serger-lol! My thing is, even if I'm sewing a black skirt-white thread it is. I'm not about to change the thread for one project.

  5. If you wrote this blog anonymously and I had my husband read it, he would say "that's totally you". He would seriously think I was hiding a dark secret. well, not so much dark. You do make lovely things. More like he'd be freaking out about a missing little girl named O that I had secretly given birth to and that I was hiding her in our closet only to take her out for photos in adorable garments. Seriously. YOU FREAKA ME OUT!

  6. your skills amaze me! this is the most adorable jacket. i need to start making garments. they seriously intimidate me!

  7. The inside of that jacket is perfect, because O is inside it! Beautiful work, and I love a girly sort of pattern made with more 'boy' type materials.

  8. I love your posts - so open - and your pictures always make me smile. I think I need to get hold of some of the wool-but-not-wool - it sounds great for garments.

  9. This is a gorgeous little jacket, Carolyn. And as for your commentary, I think it's funny how much you and I think alike sometimes. I may be a perfectionist sometimes, but I'm also impatient, and I definitely take shortcuts sometimes. And then I wish I didn't. :)

  10. So adorable! And your model really sells it! As for the inside finishing: I recently read a quote that said "done is better than perfect." I'd argue this is both!

  11. I found your blog (and this post) by following a photo from the Oliver + S group on flickr. I love your version of this coat! I also adore your daughter's beret. Did you use a pattern to make it, and if so, which one? Thanks for the info!

  12. I love that coat! I've been admiring that pattern for a while and seeing your coat makes me want to splurge and get it. The hat looks great with it too.

  13. Great job on the jacket. This was the first O + S pattern that I made and it took several hours to complete it - by the time I approached the interior seams I was done, too.
    The hat is very cute! Is it handmade as well?

  14. Aaaaah so this beautiful creation is YOURS. I've seen this floating around pinterest a few times. I'll definately be following your blog from now on!


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