Sometimes The Sequel Isn't As Good As The Original


So, as it happens, not all knitting projects turn out to be raging success stories.  In fact, some turn out to be sad disappointments.  Like this sweater.  I had high hopes for my second Tegna.  Mostly, those hopes had a lot to do with fixing some of the issues that I had in making my first Tegna - namely fixing the neckline that came out far wider than anticipated.  Instead of fixing the problem, however, it seems to be even worse in this one.  I realize that it looks okay from the front, but the view from the back shows just how ridiculously large it is (Bonus - it gives people a nice view of my big back mole which fortunately you can't see in these pics!).  And there's a good chance that this sweater could go into some 1980's off the shoulder territory with just a bit of movement.
There are few things as disappointing in knitting than finishing a sweater that took weeks to make only to realize that the size is totally off.  Especially since I was a good little knitter and even made a gauge swatch to make sure that the sizing was right.
On the upside, the yarn, Madeline Tosh Light, was lovely to work with and I love the bright green color - even if I am slightly camouflaged amongst the trees.  Also, the lace bottom is as lovely as ever, so at least there's that.  Fortunately, while resiliency may be more of a struggle in other parts of my life, I'm a resilient little knitter and already have my next project on the needles.  You can't keep a good woman down, right?


  1. Could you knit a neckband onto it? I feel like there must be some ninja'ing you could do to make it wearable. It's a brilliant colour!!

  2. Yes, like Abbe above, I wonder if there's something you could do to help it? Because it is very lovely! A careful hot wash to shrink it a bit overall?? I don't know... I'm no knitter but I am in awe of all the work in this.

  3. Awwww, I love this sweater, wide shoulder and all! I think the slight off the shoulder is freaking cute! Hey, what's wrong with some 80s? I watched Flashdance as a kid and was like *hearteyesemoji* and never completely recovered from it. I think this is rockin and you should wear it all the time, with a cute black bra strap peeking out. Just my two cents.

  4. How about stringing 1/8-1/4" clear elastic through the neckline? I think it looks great and with a matching spaghetti strap bra tank in lycra it would be both safe and sexy.


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