A Brief History of My Relationship with Knits


We met for the first time circa 2011,  when I first attempted to sew a t-shirt for teeny-tiny O (no seriously, look how little she is in these pictures).  It was a quasi-successful attempt.  The actual sewing was fairly easy, but man, did I have to struggle to get that sucker over her big toddler head.

At that time I was really only familiar with jersey knits, but I was soon introduced to interlock and cotton-lycra blends thanks to my first attempt at making undies for O (okay, this picture is actually from my second attempt).  At that time, good quality, cute knits were few and far between and the best options were usually only available on interlock fabric.  Unfortunately, I really didn't like working with interlock because of its tendency to get stretched out.  I was a much bigger fan of cotton-lycra blends and thankfully cute cotton-lycra options have become more available over the past couple of years thanks to companies like Art Gallery.  It's definitely been my knit fabric of choice.   I've used cotton-lycra blends to make tees, and dresses, and pjs, and everything in between.

But now I've branched out once again - only this time to ponte knits.  To be honest, I've avoided ponte knits in the past, thinking that the polyester fiber content would make them feel, well, kind of yucky.  It turns out that I was wrong because not only does this polyester/lycra blend ponte feel lovely, but ponte is the perfect fabric for certain projects.

Example number one would be this little Cocoon Dress that calls for a nice stable knit fabric (like ponte!).

The pattern is simple, but sweet.  It sews together incredibly easily and is right up O's alley when it comes to what she likes to wear nowadays.  I cut out a size five based on her chest measurement but added some length since she's about average size for a six year old.  Because of the high-low hem, it's a tad bit shorter than I would like in the front for a dress, but she'll probably be wearing it with tights or leggings for the time being so I'm not too concerned.

Also noteworthy - we took O to get her first ever professional haircut.  Up until now she's been suffering through my feeble attempts at cutting her hair.  It's been looking pretty ragged lately and she's been talking about wanting it shorter, so I figured that it was time to bring in some folks who actually know what they're doing.  Based on the smile on her face, I'd say that it was a pretty good decision.


  1. I recently got on the ponte train myself - my initial reservations were exactly the same as yours and I was pleasantly surprised. Haven't tried sewing ponte for my kids yet, but I do like it for me! Otherwise, sing it sister - cotton/lycra forever! O's haircut is adorable!

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  3. She's rockin' both the awesome Cocoon Dress and the fabulously stylish haircut! So glad you've developed a love for knits - they're certainly very wear-able and typically my girl's first thing they grab.

  4. She is so grown up and I am loving how spunky she is. Also her haircut is so awesome. But this dress!!! I love it. I love the colors you paired - such a great combination. And the dress looks fantastic on her. Makes me want to make this one for Indigo!

  5. Gah she was SO tiny in that old post! I love her fancy haircut and the perfect dress and her crazy photo faces. So good. I really need this cocoon dress pattern, it looks so rad.


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