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I realize that it's been incredibly quiet around here, but I can assure you that it's not from a lack of sewing.  Mostly it's from a lack of picture-taking, because if there's one aspect of blogging that I loathe, it's taking pictures - especially when I have to be in them.  For all you gals who lug your tripod around to find fantastic spots to take photos, I applaud you because I can barely get it up to take a picture in my living room (which is what you get today).

Most of the things that I've been sewing lately have been extremely practical and these shirts fall firmly into that group.  I mean, can you get more practical than a plain white tee?  I think not.

Both of the tees are made from the Plantain T-Shirt pattern by Deer & Doe and the pattern is every bit as lovely as you've heard it is.  Like most knit tees, it's super simple to whip up and I love that it flares out towards the bottom.  I sewed up my recommended size and didn't make any modifications to the pattern.   Because each knit fabric has a different amount of stretch the white tee neckline came out a bit lower than I would have preferred, but it's still very wearable.

As for the fabrics, the gray fabric is a soy organic cotton jersey from Drygood Design and it is luscious.  In fact, I went back to buy some more of it recently, but it turned out that they only had about a yard and a half left.  Boooo!  The white fabric is a Kaufman laguna jersey and I was pleasantly surprised with it.  It's actually a nice weight for this tee, it comes in a ton of colors, and all things considered, it's usually fairly inexpensive.  Score!

These may not be the most exciting projects, but I'll tell you that they've gotten a ton of use.  I actually finished them a couple weeks ago and I've worn them regularly since then.  What can I say?  I'm a simple gal at heart.


  1. they both fit you perfectly and i would wear the crap out of those shirts too! it can't all be fancy dresses all the time, man.

  2. Such a great pattern, isn't it? These look lovely on you. I particularly wear my plain brown one of these to death, too. Must make some summer versions.

  3. So I just made one of these last night! I was seriously impressed with the straight-out-of-the envelope (printer?) fit, too. I did raise the neckline a little bit, but yeah, it's a great pattern! Great staple top.

  4. These are great Caroline - the Plantain is my favourite tee pattern too (I made a short sleeved black one last week - it way too boring to take pics of!). And while basics sewing may be boring, there's nothing better than wearing a hand-made tee :-)
    The Laguna jersey is nice, huh? I bought some to try - I just wish the international postage rates didn't make it prohibitive to buy...

  5. Lookin' good! I've made myself a few Plantains and love that pattern as well. I think the neckline and neckband have 5/8" seam allowance, right? So what I've done is shave that extra OFF the neckband but not off the neckline, then sew it with a 1/4" seam allowance per normal. That raises the neckline a teensy bit, which I like. But I generally like a scooped out neckline anyway, as long as it's not too cleavage-y.

    I should try one with all this Laguna I have lying around ... good idea!

  6. Those are great-lookings shirts! I'd wear them a ton, too!

  7. Echoing everyone else. they look great and I'd wear them all the time too. I also wholeheartedly endorse the stand by the wall, take a picture then crop your head approach to blog photos. One day I'll find a nice location....

  8. I love how these turned out!


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