Note to Self


When sewing with knits, make sure when you cut out the pieces that the stretch is in the width, not the length.


Well, I certainly learned this lesson the hard way.  After I had cut out all the pieces for a Tee for Two I realized that the stretch in the fabric was going the wrong way.  I was hoping that it wouldn't matter too much.  After all, there's still a teeny bit of stretch the other way right?

Hmm, well after sewing up the shirt, I attempted to try it on the intended recipient only to find out that it was a BATTLE to get it over her head.

Mommy, why are you torturing me??
Now, I must say, that large heads run in our family so it's possible that Baby O may just have a gigantic head (much like her aunt Debbie), but I have a sneaking suspicion that having the stretch running the wrong way did not help the situation.

Fear not, though.  I eventaully got the shirt over her head and I was able to marvel at how cute she looks in her new shirt.

Version I - for tiny-headed children

As for the pattern, what can I say?  It's awesome.  It's simple and can be done with just a sewing machine (which is great, because 6 months later I still haven't replaced the blades on my serger....procrastinate much?).

I know that the pattern suggests that you leave the seams exposed on the outside of the shirt, but as pointed out by my husband, my handiwork is just not good enough to be shown on the outside of any shirt.  So I just ended up keeping my seams on the inside but I included some decorative topstitching.

I made size 2/3 hoping that it will fit Baby O for quite some time and the sleeves and length were a bit long, but I'll just plan on shortening the pattern for future shirts.  And there will be future shirts.

Especially with all the cute knits hitting the market now (hello Oliver and S fabrics...hello Michael Miller knits...)

UPDATE:  I made shirt number two with stretch going in the right direction and it is still a TIGHT fit to get it over Kid-O's head.  She may just be cursed with a ginormous head.  Anybody else have this issue?

Version II - for children with slightly
larger heads
Does this shirt make my head look fat?


  1. Haha, I made the same mistake the first time I cut out a knit top! Won't ever forget that lesson. And yes, my family is all, um, blessed with large heads too. Very hard to find hats that fit. All those brains, you see.

  2. I am so glad to know that you loved this pattern. I have still not tried it, but it's sitting there, taunting me each time I pass my pattern basket. And my babe has a fairly abnormal melon, so...good to know about the head sizing!


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