Santa 2013


O has always loved going to see Santa because Santa gives her candy canes and in her mind people who give her candy = awesome.  So for the last several years our trips to see Santa have been filled with excited anticipation, not tears.  But C is apparently not so easily won over.

First she eyed the big red man suspiciously.

And then she said "get me the hell out of here!"

Is it wrong that I was laughing the entire time?


  1. Hahahahaha! I feel for her! You probably know enough about Joe at this point to realize that sitting on Santa's lap is a HELL TO THE NO for him. This kid won't give a good bye "high five" to people he's known all of his life, he sure as hell ain't sitting on the lap of a strange dude in costume. But he did photobomb his friends' Santa shoots at preschool - you can see a tuft of Joe hair sticking out the side of Santa's chair. I will treasure those photos.

  2. soo funny. i'm laughing here, too. that guy's a little thin to be Santa. maybe he wasn't convincing enough? ;) though he does get extra points for the real beard (at least it looks real to me). iris is terrified of strangers but loved Santa this year. go figure!

  3. I love 'scared of santa' photos! Gosh C seems to have turned from baby into little girl overnight, though!

  4. Huh, apparently bribery and corruption *doesn't* get you everywhere! Hope he doesn't hold it against her on Wednesday ;o)

  5. I had to stand in for my daughter this year! last year's photo looked just like yours.
    Still, they always love his "work" if not his physicality, right?!


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