Me Made May: And So It Begins


Me Made May preparations began not with sewing clothing for me (because, let's face it, I was busy sewing clothes for the little ones thanks to KCW), but rather it started with a culling of the herd.  Otherwise known as going through all of my handmade items and donating those that just don't get worn anymore.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm a massive hoarder and it sometimes pains me to part with items - especially handmade ones - but I'm slowly coming to the realization that there's just no point in keeping things that I either don't love or don't wear.  So with that I bid adieu to this blouse (yucky fabric), this blouse (weird color and fit), this top (it's too big now thanks to my shrinking chest), and this sweater (stained on two different occasions with two different did that happen?).  It feels good to send them off to a new home rather than looking at them everyday and feeling guilty that they never get any use.  Here's to making more room in my closet for things that I truly love.

And here's to the start of MMM.

In honor of the day I made everyone wear me-made items (man, my kids are going to need serious counseling when they grow up.  But they sure are good sports.  Well, except for the little one.  She looks pissed).

O is rocking her homemade sweatsuit, C is stylin' in her new Class Picnic Blouse, and I'm wearing my Grainline Studio Tiny Pocket(less) Tank.  If you had asked me this morning I would have told you that this is one of my all-time favorite things to wear.  But after someone asked me if I was pregnant today I'm not so sure about this shirt.

Ah, screw them.  I love this shirt.


  1. seriously? no one should ever ask you if you're pregnant! i look insanely pregnant right now at only 13 weeks, and even though everyone was staring at my huge belly before i announced the news, no one was uncouth enough to ask. so yeah, i'm very sorry for you. also, you don't look pregnant at all. also, i love that tank!

  2. Sheesh, that tummy looks flat to me (and much slimmer than mine which has had no small creature assistance!) love the top. I'd give the youngest the choice, college or therapy ;o)


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