The One That I Just Can't Seem To Blog About


Ahh, green pleated top, I finished you ages ago and yet I just can't get up the energy to blog about you...which is probably a good indication that this top and I have some issues.  Not to get all 1980's Color Me Beautiful on you, but I'm pretty sure that this shade of green is not my color and makes me look a little sickly (I probably should have figured that out before making a shirt out of it!).

And there's just something about the sleeves on this shirt that I just don't like (I think it may be an excess of fabric around the upper arm).  Yes, they look fine scrunched up, but trust me, they look less fine when they're down.  In any case, I'm not a huge fan of this shirt although I do plan on keeping it around and seeing if it grows on me.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Pattern: T-Shirt with Pleats by Salme
Size: 8 (one size smaller than recommended by the pattern...and one size smaller than last time)
Modifications: Finished the neckline with bias binding rather than a facing and lengthened the sleeves and gathered and finished them with binding.
Fabric: Designer Essentials Cotton Voile by Free Spirit


  1. Aww, I think it looks great, just wear it with scrunched sleeves, the 80's are back ;o)

  2. Maybe it's the scrunched sleeves, but I like it, too. The green looks pretty and apple-y on my monitor. :-)

  3. I like it three! Maybe you could shorten the sleeves?

  4. I really like it. And don't mind the look of the bunchiness at all. Maye you could dye it!

  5. It looks beautifully made and comfy but I see where you're coming from on the 'just not entirely right' feeling. It's kind of 90% there?
    The colour itself is gorgeous, and in cotton voile? I would have bought it too!
    Actually, as justmejay says, perhaps you could cut the sleeves off to about the level of the top pleat and bind it like the sleeve ends currently are so you have little, slightly puffed sleeves. That might sort out the sleeve volume issue and also, by removing a couple of large chunks of green, turn it into a 'fun green top' rather than such a major statement in colour?
    I hope that sounds helpful and encouraging rather than off-putting!

  6. I like it too, but green is totally my color! If you just aren't feeling it, I give you permission to dye it and chop off the sleeves. Usually when I take the extra time to make a garment "perfect" it really pays off.

  7. I agree with Sophie - maybe dye it to match your season better (what are you, a winter? this looks like more of a summer's color, eh?). I like the sleeves, though! Especially once the weather gets cooler...


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