Four Months

This is my second baby so you'd think that I wouldn't be so amazed at all the changes that happen in such a short time, but I am.

I'm constantly amazed that something can come into this world with only the most basic instincts and four months later they can smile and laugh and reach and roll over.  I love watching baby C examine her little hands as she tries to figure out how they work.

Babies are utterly wondrous (isn't that the understatement of the year)!  Imagine the things that I could do if I could learn as many new skills as they do within four months.  Man, I'd be awesome.

P.S. Anybody want some rolls for dinner?  (chubby baby rolls that is)


  1. That is one cute baby!! Good job :)

  2. It's even crazier for us blog readers that only get glimpses every so often - seems like you just had her! What a cutie pie, that last photo makes me want to snuggle her to bits. Mmmmmm soft mooshy baby skin (that's not creepy, is it?).

  3. Too darn cute, that baby of yours! :-)

  4. So big already! You have yet another lovely child!

  5. Hmm, don't think she's too fond of you pointing out her sumo rolls in that last pic ;o)

  6. oh, chubby baby rolls! i already miss those.

  7. Holy adorable! I can not get over how fabulous she is! You don't feed her much, I see. Oh the rolls and smiles, I'm about to rip out my IUD, anyway you can guarantee by next one is a girl?

  8. I'll eat them rolls RIGHT UP!!!!!
    it's all so amazing, isn't it?
    What I find hard to believe is that we can still function knowing how unreal life is...

  9. She is absolutely delectable. :-)


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