Tova Top...Again


Yes, it's wrinkled, but what do you expect after I've been wearing it all day?
We're keeping it real here, people.
Somehow this seems to be the summer where I buy a pattern and then I make it over and over and over again.  It may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but there are some definite benefits to remaking a pattern.  For one, you can tweak it until you get the fit just where you want it (and who doesn't love a pattern that actually fits?).  And two, I love to see how different fabrics can be used with same pattern to make such different garments.  That said, the gray cotton chambray fabric that I used to make my second tova top isn't all that different in substance than the cotton fabric that I used to make my first tova top (although the chambray oddly does seem a bit stiffer).  This fabric has taught me though, that as much as I love to buy patterned fabric, plain fabrics are probably much more up my alley when it comes to wearability (yep, I'm totally boring like that).

For this tova I cut out a size small (one size smaller than recommended based on my bust measurements) and I used some bright green thread for the topstitching.  I'd like to say that I initially chose the green thread to add a little pizazz to the top, but the truth is that I just didn't have any matching thread at home and I was far too lazy to drag two little ones to the fabric store just to pick up one spool of thread. 

In any case, I happen to love how the green looks with the fabric, although since it's more visible than matching thread would be I did actually have to pay attention while doing the topstitching (which put a temporary end to my usual habit of sewing at the speed of light).


  1. I love it! Now I want to make one! Did you say what kind of fabric this one is? (if you did, I missed it) It looks great!

  2. I love it, that fabric is so nice and the contrast thread really makes it! I finally bought the tiny pocket tank and I'll likely make three at least. When you've shelled out for the pattern and like the fit, why not?

  3. i love that top stitching! and somehow i missed your first tove - they both look great on you. and hi to your little cutie pie, she's getting so big!!

  4. i bought the pattern ages ago and on tuesday i finally taped it together! if i keep going like i have, i might have a tova by christmas. ;)

    1. i do love yours though, the chambray is beautiful and the green top stitching is perfect.

  5. It so true about patterned fabric, I'm cutting out a dress in plain old green knit, and it feels lame, but in the end I will totally wear it more! Nice job! I need to make this top someday...

  6. tova tova tova! love it, i love it in the solid; i'm sure i'd wear something like that constantly. i still haven't hopped on the bandwagon, but maybe for fall?? and wow look at your little C! growing so fast!

  7. I just had that same realization about wearing solids myself - glad I'm not alone. Part of that realization happened when I realized that if I'm going to carry all my "fun" bags (all colorful and patterned) I *needed* solids on my body, otherwise the clashing (real or imagined) makes me NUTS!

  8. Wow that could be the neatest topstitching I've ever seen! I am way impressed. I agree with you on the wearability of solids. Sort of a pity isn't it because it's much more fun to buy pretty prints, but plains tend to be worn over and over. Oh and thanks for the little dose of baby at the end there :)

  9. Anonymous5.9.12

    It looks great on you. Like you, I have sewn this pattern over and over and over again. My Tova tops and dress are in high rotation! There is nothing like a great pattern. It is sort of like good comfort food!


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