Sometimes I Just Have To Say Thank You...


...because let's be honest, the kids never say it, right? 

So thank you, Ben, for taking the last three weeks off of work to make my transition back to work easier.  Having to worry only about getting myself ready in the morning has made things so much more manageable.  Thank you for taking such good care of the kids during the day.  Thanks for taking them blackberry picking, to the park, and to that extra-special donut shop (although I know that that was purely motivated by your own desire to eat many, many donuts).  Thank you for trying to keep the house clean (even though we both know that it's futile at this point).  And thank you for having dinner ready when I got home at night because I'm pretty sure that I'm about five times more hungry when I'm nursing than when I'm pregnant. 

Thank you for being you.  I must have been one hell of a smart woman to choose you all those years ago.


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    1. Thats nice!
      (deleted previous comment due to stuck keys)!

  2. Awwww, that's got to be the sweetest thing I've read in a long time! Sweet of him, AND sweet of you for acknowledging it so nicely!

  3. Lots of brownie points for him!

  4. WTG Ben! (love the doughnut comment lol)

  5. What a lovely ode to a lovely husband! :-)

  6. Aww... that's beautiful... and look at him with those girls. I get you on the hungry while nursing thing. Of course you now have not a 2 or 3 kilo bub in utero but a much bigger creature who is also a lot more active and still getting most-or-all nourishment from you! "Baby needs chocolate/cake/icecream" is still a very valid statement.

  7. :)! ben is awesome sauce!

  8. Aw, pretty much the sweetest post ever. That Ben seems like such a good guy. Way to go, fella!

  9. Anonymous26.8.12

    wow. what a guy.
    I think he would say he is pretty lucky to have you, as well.


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