Want To Know How Lazy I Am?


I'm so lazy that since I put the stretch needle in my sewing machine 4 weeks ago, I've sewn with nothing but stretch fabric because I'm too lazy to change the needle back to something for a woven.  But I also know that I can certainly benefit from some practice in sewing with knits so we'll just call it a win-win situation.

Want to know what's not a win-win situation though?  That I went to Joanns the other week to check out their itty-bitty knit section again and apparently the fabric that I chose and had cut was one of the only knit fabrics that wasn't on sale and so what was supposed to be a cheap-o trip to Joanns ended up costing way more than I had planned.  Oh well.

On the upside I do love this little fabric and so far I've been able to make two teeny-tiny little envelope tees from it and I still have about a yard and a half to go. 

The short sleeve version will be for this little baby

Hello 35 weeks!  Goodbye ability to breathe or put socks on with ease!

but the long sleeve version will be off to a different home where it's job will be to keep the cutest little baby nice and warm until spring gets here (oh how I wish it were here already!).


  1. I love that star fabric, so cute! But your belly? Ridiculously adorable! Quit making me want another one!

  2. You have the cutest collection of knit fabric! Those stars are perfect. I'm they other side of lazy. I bought some knit fabric but I'm too lazy to change the needle so it's just sitting on my shelf.
    Also, you are just about the cutest pregnant lady ever!

  3. so stinkin' cute, all of it, but especially you!

  4. Yay, there is The Belly!!! That is all we want to see you know... ;-)
    Only kidding of course. A very cute shirt you made there. I'm still super chicken to even think of sewing with knits...

  5. how did you find that at joann??? i never find great knit like that. but i agree with the other gals - you have the cutest belly ever! socks are overrated.

  6. Cutest belly - please tell me they are not regular jeans at 35 weeks!
    And cute little baby tops. Sweet fabric, I'm sure it was worth paying a little extra.

  7. Very cute, and you're looking great!

  8. Anonymous27.2.12

    Love the shirts and the fabric! Wish they had this fabric at my local Joann! And congrats on 35 weeks - you look great!

  9. your belly looks adorable! i have some knit fabrics i will not get to in a looooooong time... do you want it?

  10. Joann's always kills me--either the coupon still isn't valid for another week, or when you DO have a coupon, the fabric you want is on sale for 10% off or something, so you can't use the coupon.

  11. That fabric is pretty stellar. Definitely worth it!

    Can't believe baby will be here so soon.

  12. Cute belly - not long to go now.
    The little tops are cute too:)


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