A Purple Pixie Hat


I know, I know - it's another repeat project, but at least you can't say that I didn't warn you, right?

Plus I love this little hat pattern, so can you blame me?  It's so incredibly simple to make - just comprised of simple ribbing - and the entire time you're making it you wander "how the hell is this going to turn into a hat?"  But then you finish, sew up one seam, and ta-da...a hat is born!

And the other best thing about this hat?  Because it's made up of so much ribbing, it fits your kid's head forever since it stretches so much.  The one I made for O back in the day still fits her head perfectly (and looks pretty darn cute on her, if I do say so myself).

This new little pixie hat, however, is destined for someone else's house and someone else's head as a good friend from college is currently pregnant with her first kiddo.  And I'm happy to report that I actually finished this hat before the baby shower that'll be this weekend.  Woo-hoo!

As for my little model here, O would like you to know two things.

1) A roll of tape is her new favorite toy.  She tapes yarn and paper and books and even attempted to tape her mouth shut the other day. 

2) A tutu is now her default outfit and if it were up to her she would run around the house in just a tutu all day long (with a naked butt underneath, no less).  As much as that look cracks me up every time I see it, we do her require her to wear undies most of the time. I know, we're totally mean parents.

Pattern: Pixie Hat
Yarn: Louet Gems - sport weight (less than one skein)
Needles: Size 2 DPNs

Oh, and the tutu I made a couple years ago using a tutorial similar to this one, although I just used a length of elastic rather than a headband.  Easiest tutu ever!


  1. What an excellent hat! I think I could wear one like that! ;-)

  2. Really cute hat. Reminds me of a Mabel Lucie Atwell drawing. http://www.encore-editions.com/mother-goose-full-color-illustrations-prints-mabel-lucie-attwell-tom-tom-the-pipers-son

  3. Oh man. Pixie hats and tutus? That is the best.

  4. Okay, could Jude pull this off without hating me for it later? I really must try. Tape is the best toy ever. Tutu as default outfit? Best "uniform" ever!

  5. This is just about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! I also love the tutu-- it really makes the outfit :)

  6. Sticky tape, a tutu and a pixie hat (and nothing else)... could a little one get any happier? Awesome pics.

  7. Anonymous10.1.12

    Omigosh she's so cute. Tutu and a pixie hat???? KILLING me with cute.

  8. Again I will point out that the two little's in our lives are meant to be together. Not only does Vinny love pixie hats on girls... He is currently loving the stapler! Match made in heaven.

  9. The tape. The tutu. The hat. Love it all!

  10. Well really, how unreasonable expecting the undies AND the tutu ;o)

  11. Cute hat and tutu! Tape is such a fun toy...but so painful to pick out of the carpeting.

  12. DO you really have to be amazing at knitting too?
    Gosh dang you woman!!!!!


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