Today I Took The Day Off Of Work


Things I should have done:
- Picked up all the crap that Baby O throws on the floor
- Washed and folded the laundry
- Cooked meals for the week
- Painted the kitchen

What I did instead:
- Went to the zoo

What I learned today
- Going to the zoo on a weekday in the winter is so much better than going to the zoo on a weekend in the summer

It was like our own private zoo and, needless to say, Baby O had a great time.

(Knitted hat made from the Pixie Hat pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns - please ignore the creepy baby in the photo on the pattern)

I also had a great time because when it comes to zoos, I am like a five year old.  I'm the only adult who wants to feed the goats at the petting zoo.  I'm the only adult tapping on the aquarium glass.  I'm the only adult shrieking when they see baby tigers.  But can you blame me?  They're baby tigers!

I'm pretty sure you're dead inside if you don't shriek when you see a baby tiger.


  1. Love this post. Sometimes you just need a little escape, and the zoo seemed like a perfect choice.

    And the pixie hat is so cute!

  2. Anonymous18.5.11

    I don't remember telling you about worrying. I would think I told you that is the happiest day of your life.


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