Behold! A Painter Is Born!


I wish that I were one of those parents who is constantly coming up with great arts and crafts projects to do with their kid, but really I'm not.  Or perhaps I should clarify.  Sometimes I have the great ideas...I just never get around to doing them. 

Until now.

I finally remembered the gigantic canvas and paints that I had stored downstairs and with a little begging prompting from O I finally got my butt in gear, lugged them upstairs, and set up a little painting station for her (otherwise known as our dining room table).  My initial grand plan was to trace her body and have her color it in but she had more of an abstract vision, so we decided to go with that instead.

Behold her awesome painting attire - which is actually just my painting shirt rolled up.

And behold the amazing concentration of two year old when she's doing something that she's actually interested in.  This actually kept her busy for hours with only small breaks to eat, drink and nap in between.

And a happily occupied little toddler, makes for one happy momma.


  1. I love that photo of her in the t-shirt! Great that you've found something she gets so absorbed in - concentration is not an easy thing to master when you're so little and cute....

  2. Sit down quick and have a cuppa before she demands your attention again! ;-)

  3. hours of silence. i am sure you loved it. ;)

  4. She is awesome. And your house looks quite tidy.

  5. Wow, she is so focused! Love the painting outfit, too. :-)

  6. That sounds lovely. I'd love to see the finished product!

  7. She is the cutest. Nice work with the art project!!

    PS - our high school swim season was in the wintertime, so it's a Pavlovian response or something. Only just a LITTLE crazy. ;)

  8. She is ADORABLE.. and I love the concentration look; so intent on what she's doing :)


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