A February Baby Sweater For A Baby Due In March


When I was pregnant with O we decided early on not to find out what we were having and I was completely at peace with that decision throughout the pregnancy.  The only downside to not knowing I suppose was that anything that I made for our baby-to-be was rather gender neutral and so I ended up not making the one thing that I would have loved to make for O had I known that she was going to be a girl - Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater

I'd made this sweater twice before - once it was knit serenely for a newborn niece who is now so much bigger than a newborn.  And once it was knit manically while my dad was in the middle of a two week hospital stay.  While the circumstances in which I  knit the sweaters were so different, I loved the sweater each time that I made it.  The lace pattern is complicated enough to be interesting, but simple enough to be easily followed.  And the sweater can be seamlessly knit, which is by far my favorite way of knitting (Sewing up seams?  No thanks!).  And so when I found out that we were adding another girl to our little family, I knew that this was the one thing that I wanted to make for our new little one.  Of course, it took until I was six months along until I finally got around to digging up the pattern and heading to the yarn store to pick out a skein, but I'm so glad that I did because once again I'm loving making this sweater.  In fact, I'm just loving knitting lately.  I love the fact that I can sit upstairs with my family and knit, rather than having to sequester myself away in the basement where I sew.  And so while my sewing machine has been gathering a fine layer of dust on it over the past several weeks, my knitting needles have seen more action in the past month than they probably have in the past year. 

So here's to warm, cuddly knits...and the little babies that go in them.


  1. What a beautiful color and the pattern indeed looks very interesting! I'm certain your baby will love it! :-)

  2. It will be so darling. There is something very lovable about baby knits.

  3. Wow, that looks like really expert knitting. In fact, the kind of thing that makes me think 'knitting looks so complex I could never hope to do that!'. But I totally get your point about it being a more sociable thing to do. And portable. I love the colour you chose.

  4. You're making me want to learn how to knit! :-)

  5. Anonymous14.1.12

    sooooo cute. i really wish i could knit.

  6. Gorgeous! I am so envious of your knitting skills. I tried double pointed needles the other day and ended up swearing and sweating. I get bad knit-stress B.O. I gave up the dream of round things and started an afghan, newbie mistake I'm sure, but I kinda like the idea of something that will never be done and I totally feel you on the social aspect of knitting. Although sometimes I really like the privacy sewing affords me.


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