And We're Back!


Yes, I'm still alive...just slowly recovering from a week in San Diego with Ben and O.  The trip - our first time flying with O - was amazing but, Oh My God, I am exhausted!  We got home at  a very child-unfriendly 11 pm last night and were rewarded with an over-tired child who cried all night long. Needless to say, I'll be spending most of today laying on the couch - once I get my midwife appointment out of the way.  And for the record, making a doctor's appointment in which you'll be weighed immediately after eating your way through San Diego is a bad idea.  Especially since I could be heard saying throughout the entire trip:

"I'm not leaving until I eat guacamole"
"I'm not leaving until I get at least one churro"
"I'm not leaving until I eat at least one more milkshake"

And so on, and so forth.

Surprisingly, that is not the way to keep your weight down when pregnant and I'm just hoping that the baggage scale that I stepped on at the airport was wrong.

Also exhausting?  Trying to attend a full-day conference while also trying to find time to do some fun things with the family (and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine of course).  But while the entire trip may  have tuckered me out, it was definitely worth it (even if O refused to look at the camera or smile for 99% of the it possible to be both a teenager and a toddler at the same time?)

Now, if you need me I'll be fully embracing my laziness today.


  1. Heh, hope you got a nap with your blankie today too (and that San Diego won't scare the scales too much ;o) )

  2. Looks like you got some sunshine too! That photo of Ben in the Elmo ride is very funny because it looks like he's riding it (and loving it) alone. I can just see a little peek of O hair there though. I hope you get some rest :-)

  3. Welcome back! Aaaaah your sunny vacation looks so divine...

  4. oh welcome back! i hope you had a great time and i hope you enjoyed every last bite of guacamole and churro! i was much less careful with what i ate during my second pregnancy, and amazingly enough the weight came off faster with my second... breast feeding is a magical thing that made the weight melt off my body...

    that being said, the habit i developed of eating whatever i wanted kindof stuck... i need to loose a few now! ;)

    and O is a thumb sucker! is soo cute, but such a bitch to get them to stop. Miss S is 4 and we have been trying for a year to get her to stop... it is getting better, slowly.

  5. Welcome back! What gorgeous, fun photos! Relax if you can and wishing you a splendid day!

  6. Indeed - welcome back. you look radiant despite your baggage-scale worries. It looks as though O had a fantabulous time. Enjoy your lazy day!


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