My Child's Transformation

Yesterday O and I hit up the local Target and the entire time we were there she was an absolute angel.  You know, when your child is so well-behaved and utterly charming that strangers stop and tell you how adorable she is.  Yep, that was my child.

Until we got home.

Apparently, once her adoring public is no longer watching she transforms from a little angel into a little devil.  As soon as we got home she refused to get out of the car, she refused to walk up the stairs, she refused to take off her shoes, and she proceeded to throw the world's largest tantrum.  

If only the people at Target knew...


  1. Oh man, mine has been doing the opposite - so sweet at home and then I dare to take him somewhere ... he loves to watch his mom sweat!

  2. They do it to keep you on your toes ;o)

  3. Solution: more shopping!!

  4. Can I tell you that we're at very-nearly-four here and it's no better? And then you will want to hit me but you can't because I'm too far away, nyaa nyaa.... Okay, you can tantrum now.

  5. my kids never do that...


    can you see my nose growing...?

  6. LOL! Better at home than in Target. The world thinks she is just a perfect angel like all the other kids in the world. ; )

  7. Hearing you:) my stress is getting them in the car to go out. I think I threaten them so much while buckling them in that they behave until we get home:) I recall a friend popping in while Amelia (then 16montgs) was throwing a whopper of a tantrum. He stood over her, looked back and said "thanks for that, I'll be back next week for another 5 year contraception:)

  8. I just happened upon your blog because I was thinking that "fake it while you make it" would be the perfect title for MY blog, so I was doing a search, and lo and behold, you've already got it. Brilliant title, BTW. We used to call the public angel/private devil the "baby Jesus act." Love your blog! I guess I'll have to live with the name of mine as-is: bethbeingcrafty.blogspot.com


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