Summer - Take 3


Nearly two years ago O was born and while I had grand plans to spend that summer going on long, leisurely walks with my baby I actually spent my summer going on very short walks, praying that we would get home before O would start screaming again. And while I thought that I was going to spend my maternity leave getting tons of projects done around the house, I actually spent my summer acting as a human pacifier (which, incidentally, was not conducive to getting stuff done around the house). 

And then there was last summer, where I had some high hopes of getting in some fun summer trips. Unfortuantely we learned the hard way that O is not so good at sleeping in a tent. We braved a camping trip only to have our one year old crawl around the tent until almost midnight and then proceed to scream every hour all throughout the night. Needless to say our two day camping trip was turned into a one day camping trip. 

And now we're thinking about this summer and I've once again donned my optimist cap because I am ridiculously excited about what we have planned for this summer.  A little excursion to the cutest little town on the Oregon coast. A week long stay at a lovely lake. A long weekend at some cabins on the penninsula. And another try at camping (which I could have passed on, but my husband insisted). I could not be more excited.


  1. We had a travel trailer that we had the best time with last summer! Henry was four weeks old when we took him for the first time! It was fantastic! We sold it at the end of the summer (it had a lot of problems) with the intention of getting a new one and still haven't found the "killer deal" we were looking for. We are bound to tent camp this summer and I am a bit nervous! You have some fun things planned! I am sure O will have a wonderful time!

  2. That's it! Your optimism has convinced me that I MUST plan a family trip. I'm not brave enough to opt for camping, but we've got to go somewhere, we've just got to! I think your summer is going to rule!

  3. Come on baby O you can do it! Those little getaways sound amazing.

  4. Our first baby was a screamer too... first three months, pretty much non-stop. We had a weekend away at the beach and summed up the experience as "same shit, different place". The second and third were textbook eat-play-sleep babies (so they're not always colicky horrors, don't worry!) and we've had some quite reasonable family holidays since... it's never quite as relaxing as you want it to be, but you'll mostly remember the good bits! Sounds like a great summer planned!

  5. Oooh I love Manzanita; we lived in Pacific City for years. The great thing about Manzanita is that it's so much less crowded/touristy than Cannon Beach. Do you know about Manzanita Coffee and News? Great little shop.

    I'd found you via Sew Mama Sew; now I realize we must live in the same state, because you're going to many of the same places we are this summer.

    Have fun on your adventures!

  6. Clearly I am not the only one married to a total freak...

    Camping and babies = really f*@&ing hard


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