I'm In? Maybe? Perhaps?


I generally try not to craft under deadlines whenever possible.  Afterall, as much I complain about being completely stressed out while making things at times, it is supposed to be an enjoyable process, right?  And working to a deadline is just not enjoyable for me.  

I may make an exception though.

Just the other day Amy posted a notice that the next Blogger's Quilt Festival is scheduled for the week of May 13th.  I really enjoyed being a part of the last one and am seriously contemplating jumping in the ring for this one.  That of course would mean that I would need to start by ironing the fabric that once looked like this...

...but now is a crumpled, wrinkly mess. 
Anybody else in?


  1. I LOVE your fabrics choice Carolyn! Looking forward to the outcome... :-)

  2. Those fabrics are fab. I kinda want you to do it. Just so I can enjoy seeing the outcome.

  3. Those are some pretty, pretty fabrics. Do you have a pattern in mind? I haven't seen the Bloggers Quilt Festival before but just checked it out and man, that's a lot of quilts! I'm not big on crafting deadlines either so I think I'll just continue slowly with my quilt-in-progress. Love to see what you make.

  4. oh...please do it. simply because I never could or will and I would like to live vicariously.


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