The Hired Help


Oh, how I would love to have someone come in once a week to help with deep cleaning.  Perhaps then I wouldn't feel overwhelmed with the amount of housework that needs to be done each weekend.  But alas, there is no room in the budget for some cleaning help.  So until we strike it rich we'll just have to make do with the free help that we get.

Yep, that's Kid-O swiffering....and oh boy does she get mad if you take her swiffer away from her.

If you dare to be so brave, you'll hear a little something like this.

"Want mop!  Need mop!  Gimme mop!  Mop!  Mop!  Mop!!!"

What can I say...the girl likes her cleaning supplies.


  1. SOOOOO in the same boat as you! I just wish those little ones were as handy with the toilet brush.

  2. one more comment for the night. are we living parallel lives: chocolate in a ramekin and now this? my 2 yo LOVE the swiffer. we don't even use it anymore since we got the shark steam mop, but we MUST keep it around because my son MUST HAVE HIS MOP! he also has a major fit if you take it away.


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