Ahhh, That Felt Good


This morning we had a play date with a mom's group that I joined back when Baby O was just this tiny.

Please note the receding hairline.
It's awesome to be an infant.

Usually I leave these play groups feeling like a lame-o parent after hearing all the activities that the moms do with their kids and all the places that they take them.  Today, though, I just left feeling like I live in a pit filled with crap.

People (who obviously don't know me very well) always comment that I'm so "domestic" because I cook (occasionally) and sew (occasionally).   My dirty little secret though is that my house is an absolute disaster area and it drives me nuts.  Today I left inspired to at least start getting rid of all the stuff around the house that we don't need or use.  I wrangled my husband into the task while Baby O slept and we filled the entire trunk with stuff to give away.

It feels so good to get rid of this stuff and to know that it's going to somebody who will at least have a use for all this crap (I mean, stuff).

Farewell, my former belongings (and good riddance).

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  1. Oh God I need to do that. I feel like all my crap is mounted on my back at.all.times. Yet I can't seem to make the time to go through the abyss (aka - our basement). Good for you!


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