The Debut


About four years ago I purchased a sewing machine and started a new tradition - the tradition of the Thanksgiving Debut - which is basically exactly what it sounds like.  Around the holidays I work on a new project and bring to it Thanksgiving dinner for its "debut."  The first two years I "debuted" dresses that I sewed for myself by wearing them to dinner.  Last year, still in a post-partum haze, I decided that bringing my six month old would count as a "debut" (after all, I did make her!).  This year, I've decided to debut a dress for Baby O (much more manageable nowadays than a dress for me).

Behold...this year's dress.

The Front... 

...And The Back
Made with the pattern for the Ice Cream Social Dress by Oliver and S.  (Any mistakes in this dress - and they are definitely there - are all of my own making, not caused by this amazing pattern company).

Want to see the dress on Baby O?

You'll have to wait for "The Debut!"


  1. Love the fabric combo. Those Oliver and S patterns are so cute. Looking forward to the debut!

  2. Um. This is so freaking adorable. I have loved this pattern since I discovered it. Somehow I don't think my boy babe would like one of his very own.


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