How I Got My Groove Back


My transition to motherhood was not a smooth one.  Those first few weeks were painful - I was exhausted, hormonal beyond a point that I even believed existed, and was caring for this little one all day.
Mommy, I'm so angry!

I remember following the blogs of other people who had babies around the
same time that I did and I marveled at how easy their transition seemed...and how after a short amount of time they were back to making beautiful things.  Frankly, I just didn't have the brain power to do much of anything.  But I remember feeling like I needed to make something and telling my husband that I felt creatively stuck.  It wasn't until Little O was around 10 weeks old that I finally felt up to the challenge of using my brain again - but only a very small part of it.  I had bought the Pixie Purls Country Kiddie pattern before the baby was born and it turned out to be the perfect project for my re-entry into the world of crafting.  It's a simple pattern (yeah top down sweaters!  yeah stockinette stitch!) that's well-written and easy to follow (yeah Pixie Purls!).  I whipped the first two out in no time at all and the third one out a couple of months later.  Now I'm working on version number four, although this one's going to have long-sleeves  because let's face it, there is no short-sleeve sweater weather in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. I've learned that many mommy bloggers blog through rose-colored glasses. They don't write about the hard stuff or the shameful mommy moments. They don't dare admit their life is anything but perfect. It's a disservice really. Having an infant is a huge transition and often seems dependent on the amount of sleep you are getting. Don't beat yourself up; you're a good mama!


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