Things I've Made and Never Blogged About


We shall call this post "Things I've Made and Never Blogged About" because I actually finished this sweater sometime around November.  I was in full knitting mode at that time, buoyed by the fact that knitting during my downtime is a far more productive use of time than just playing around on Instagram.  Fortunately, I'm not opposed to knitting a beloved pattern over and over (and over) again so knitting this sweater ended up being just the right mix of mindless and interesting.  On a side note, this is a completely different mindset than I had when I first started knitting.  At that time I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to make and I couldn't understand why anybody would limit themselves by making the same pattern multiple times.  Apparently, that sentiment no longer exists because this would be the fourth (1, 2, 3Bloomsbury Sweater that I've made and the truth is that I'd make it again in a heartbeat.
The yarn is Manos de Uruguay, which just so happens to be the same yarn that I used for my pink version.  I love the slight varigation of the kettle dye and it's so incredibly soft and warm.  It's also held up fairly well with wear, which isn't always the case with such soft single ply yarns.
O remains a tiny little thing so I picked the size according to her chest measurement (size 6) and just added a bunch of length to the arms and body.  The ease of doing this is why I will forever love top-down sweaters.  I was worried that I went a little overboard in the body length because I'm always afraid that she's going to grow out of things too quickly, but fortunately it seems to be a Goldilocks length - not too short, not too long.  In fact, some might say that it's just right.

Also, on a totally unrelated note - I love this little kid.


  1. It's gorgeous! As are the photos and the girl. Manoa is one of my favorite yarns but my daughters find it (and indeed, any wool) too itchy :(

  2. Oh what a lovely sweater and such beautiful photos of your darling girl. So much to like here


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