The End Is Near


By this time next week I will have finished my final and my evenings and weekends will once again belong to me.  Well, mostly.  I have to take the GREs in late July so "Hello high school geometry!  We meet again!"  (many, many, many, many years later)  But for now, I'm focusing on the positive which includes no more catching whiffs of ever-so-stinky bacteria in the evening and no more spending my weekends doing homework.

Also on the positive side?  This dress.  Which I actually made quite some time ago.  I waited to blog about it, though, because

1) I'm lazy and
2) I had to wait for it to reach it's intended Greece!

Remember this dress that I made back in 2012?  Well, this one was destined for the same sweet, little girl. Her mom was nice enough to send me some pictures of her wearing it (how's that for an awesome recipient?), but I also happen to have some of C trying it on.  Fortunately, she's a very willing model - when you bribe her with lollipops, which I'm obviously not opposed to doing. 

The pattern is the Hanami dress pattern, version number 3 for those who are counting.  And the fabric is part of the Silent Cinema line (JM48) that I purchased at our local fabric store.  I kept the pattern vertical on the bodice and switched it up to horizontal on the skirt and I have to say that I love the way that it came out.  

And of course I threw a little piping on the arms and the waist because everything's better with piping, right? The zipper is a pink invisible zipper which can't really be seen from the outside but really pops on the inside against the gray and white polka dot lining.  And as for that hem - hand stitched, baby!  It's the little things, right?


  1. Love that pattern and fabric pairing--beautiful.

  2. I love the vertical and horizontal thing you did with the fabric, it came out fab!

  3. I was so thrilled to see this come up in my feedly feed! And wow, this dress is amazing. I truly did a double take - she made that?! How could I not recognize a Hanimi dress?! It looks so professional and that fabric is awesome. I adore everything about it. In fact, I wish I would have made it! ;) And who knew the Hanimi would be so awesome on the littles!? I always saw it more as a big girl dress. Love, love. So glad to read a post from you, Carolyn. (Is that enough gushing for one comment?!) :)

  4. Yay for nearly done! And the dress is cute too :o)

  5. What a gorgeous dress! And hemmed by hand? Super cool.

  6. C is sooooo cute and growing up before our eyes! Of course, she'd look good in anything, but this Hanami is so pretty and summery and lovely! Also, congrats on being almost done! It will be nice to see more of you here in blogland! :-)

  7. woot! you're almost there!! i've missed your sewing but am happy to see cute little (growing fast) C here even if she doesn't get to keep the cute dress. :)

  8. Lovely dress, the changing stripe direction was genius. That's a very generous gift. piping and hand stitched hem noted!


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