Sewing Up A Storm


Look at me - sewing up a storm!  And by sewing up a storm I mean that my sewing goes a little like this:

Monday - cut out paper pattern
Tuesday - press fabric
Wednesday - cut out fabric
Thursday - run downstairs during nap time and sew as many seams as possible before one of the two kiddos starts to scream
Friday - repeat
Weekend - Hurrah!  Ben's home!  And hopefully I can carve out some uninterrupted time to finish a project.

This new shirt is the T-Shirt With Pleats top by Salme Patterns.  I love the simplicity of the look with the pleats down the front but I wish that the top were a bit longer.  I could live with this length though but what I really don't like is that the pattern calls for a light, slightly sheer fabric and yet the neck is finished with a facing.  If I were a smarter stichter I could have realized that a neck facing on a slightly sheer fabric does not equal a good look, but unfortunately I am not a smarter sticher and now I feel that the facing is glaring at me every time I look in the mirror.  Grrrr.  That said I do think that I'll give this top a try again, making it a bit longer the second go around and finishing the neckline with a bias binding rather than a facing.

Ooops.  Perhaps I should make sure that the shirt is not all bunched up next time.
And as a side note for anybody considering making this top, the pattern is rated as "beginner" and it certainly is simple...if you've ever sewn a top before.  If you haven't though, you're probably going to need a bit more handholding than the instructions in this pattern offer (for example, for sewing on the sleeves it just says "pin sleeves into place and stitch"...not too helpful for a new stitcher).

Pattern: T-Shirt With Pleats by Salme Patterns
Size: 10
Fabric: a cotton/nylon/spandex blend from Joanns


  1. very cute! i am impressed with your amazing accomplishments! i was a lump on my couch for the first 6 months of my kids lives!

  2. Haha, that comment on how to put in the sleeves... ;-) You could maybe put some machine embroidery on the front where you see the facing shining through. Then your eyes will go to the embroidery and not that facing?

  3. That is totally sewing up a storm in my book! Just cover up the facing with one of those fab necklaces you made! The top looks really cute on you!

  4. Your top looks great! I have made two different Salme dresses this week and though I LOVE the simplicity of the designs, I think they are lacking in 'finishing techniques' and you have to think ahead a bit - something I'm not great at! Anyway, your top does look lovely, so that might be the next pattern I try. Good tip about making it longer - I am tall so will definitely need to do that.

  5. It looks great, and I can't see the facing at all in the first pic :o)

  6. That is lovely and I am impressed with you getting any sewing done at all. I feel your pain about facings though. Personally I hate 'em! I think a bound neckline would be a great solution. Little cap sleeves might be cute, too?

  7. You know, I looked up Salme patterns (Googled but duh, coulda followed your link!) and their pic of this t-shirt looks like they ditched the neck facing in favour of a wide-ish bound-and turned kind of finish. Huh!

  8. I hate big, bulky facings! They always give me grief! Why aren't more tops finished with bias binding? It's so much nicer, lighter, cleaner, and honestly, that's what you see in high end apparel, so obviously that's what the pros do.

    I am very impressed with your sewing as well! Honestly that's what a lot of my sewing looks like these days, and I have only one child and he goes to bed at a normal hour (I've been thinking a lot about how I won't have that nice quiet evening time soon!). If I can get a pattern cut out or pressed on a weekday night, that's a really good night ...

  9. you are awesome. that is all.

  10. It is pretty darling. I always have to lengthen every top I sew. I love the horizontal pleats!


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