Catching Up

Tomorrow I head back to school and before the chaos starts up again I have a couple things to say - the first being that I have loved the last couple of weeks. Our trip to Tulum to celebrate our ten year anniversary was our first trip that we've taken without with kids and it was glorious.  Sure when we passed other couples with kids we often thought how much our own kids would have loved the trip, but then we saw those same couples lugging around tons of stuff while their kids whined behind them and then we thought, "suckas!"

The holidays began the week after we got home and they were crazy and fun and chaotic in a way that only the holidays can be.  Christmas with kids is a beautiful experience and while I was totally worn out by the time that everything was said and done, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

And this past week has been the dreamiest of all.  Except for going to work we've have very little in the way of obligations around here and instead we've just been enjoying each other's company.  We've learned that O is the master of Candy Land trash talk and C is finally getting the hang of this whole potty training thing.  And I've probably read about fifteen books in the past three weeks - none of which had any educational value.  Bliss.

But tomorrow it's back to long days and weekends spent studying.  The good news in all of this, though, is that all of my applications have been turned in and this is actually my last prerequisite course to complete.  Oh, and I got an interview at atleast one school so it's nice to know that I'm at least not being outright rejected.  Honestly, I'm still not a hundred percent sure that my going back to school full-time is the right choice for my family and if I end up getting accepted into any programs we're going to have to sit down and consider many factors.  Big decisions are much more difficult to make when they affect not only you but your partner and your children as well.  We'll see what 2015 has in store for us!

And now we are officially caught up.  Let the new year begin!


  1. Looks like a beautiful, fun vaca. I had to look up where Tulum is, though :-) I love your sentiment - "suckas" Hahahahaha! Your kids are adorable, and I'm sure they missed you but it didn't hurt them one bit! So important to have couple time without our little ones.

  2. Ah, so jealous of your kid-free trip! I honestly can't even imagine that for us at this point in time - we just don't have anyone who we can leave our kids with overnight. The fact that Maggie still nurses at night and neither of my children actually sleep is a contributing factor. ARGGGGGH.

    Oooh, C is potty training? Maggie has been using the potty since 18 months but for whatever reason, is still in and out of diapers most of the time. Joe held out until late (almost four) and then potty trained overnight with almost no accidents. Maggie started early but it's still touch and go and she'll forget to go to the potty and leave puddles everywhere .... I'm beginning to wonder if the Joe approach is actually easier? Crazy, right?

    Great update, I am anxious to hear what you decide wrt school. I can only IMAGINE how tough it must be to work full time, go to school, and parent these kids. I seem to be barely holding it together without the school. It's tough! Our lives feel so out of control as it is. Good luck to you! Hugs and happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year and congrats on the anniversary!
    Wishing you the best with all the decisions coming forward for you.

  4. Happy new year! Good luck with the school assessment

  5. I hear you about making decisions that effect the whole fam now. I'm going back to work for the first time since kids tomorrow. Who knows what will happen???!! Hang in there!

  6. Looks like a pretty great Christmas break to me! Good luck heading back to school for this last prereq, I think it's a pretty cool thing you're doing! You got this.

  7. I just found your blog from a link on Fiber of All Sorts. You are a funny, funny girl. I think I will keep following you. We have nothing in common it seems except sewing and wit. LOL.

  8. i've been meaning to comment on this since i first read it. i laughed so much at your 'suckas' comment. when i was working as a lactation counselor our babysitter would come and sometimes the kids would be fighting or toddler tia would be whining and i would look at her as i was leaving and jokingly say 'see ya later, sucka!'. hahaha then i'd get in the car and play some of my favorite music and drive away with a smile. :)

  9. Kid-free holiday, woohoo! So glad you got away. May 2015 be good to you all.

  10. A happy 2015 to you with a lot of positive decisions to make! And I must say I am very envious of your kid-free holidays, but you have really deserved them after a hard year of studying.
    I hardly ever comment here, but I do read often, your blog posts make me smile. That's a good thing!


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