The Watson Bra - The Gateway Drug of Bra Making


When Cloth Habit first came out with the Watson pattern I told myself that I was going to wait to buy it - mostly because I've gone a little crazy with fabric and pattern buying lately.  But the fact is that I couldn't resist.  I loved the style of it and I was super-excited to try out a new bra pattern.  Plus, it seemed like the perfect way to work on some bra-making skills without taking on a complicated project.  And given the great sewalong that Amy put together in the past I was pretty sure that the instructions were going to be spot on.

And I'm pleased to say that I was right on all fronts.  The pattern is super-simple to put together.  The bra is incredibly cute.  And the instructions are great.  Win, win, win!  (One of the things that I like most about the pattern?  That she tells you what width and length of zig-zag to use at each step.  So helpful!)

Now I realize that this bra is not going to be for everyone - particularly those who need more support - but it works great for those of use who are, well, less endowed.  I guess there are a couple benefits to having a small chest!

As for the sizing I went with a 32C again knowing that this pattern was going to be a little more forgiving in terms of getting the perfect size since it's made for stretch fabrics.  I'm happy to say that the fit ended up being spot on.  The band fits great and the cups fit perfectly.  I was pretty excited that there was no gaping at the upper cup, a problem that I usually have with bras.

As for materials, this bra is wholly made from scavenged items around the house.  The lace is from a pair a pair of undies that I made and never blogged about.  They looked lovely (they were made out of silk and lace, after all) but they were super-uncomfortable so I chopped them up and used the lace for this bra.  The cradle and band fabric is leftover from the the bra kit for this bra and the hooks and eyes are also scavenged from my first bra attempt.  That bra isn't a great fit and I don't think I'll wear it as it is, so I figured I might as well reuse whatever items I could off of the bra.  The straps were originally purchased from Sew Sassy and are left over from my Soma bathing suit.  The elastic is left over from my undie making bonanza, although I should point out that technically I was supposed to use a plush back elastic for the band rather than a regular lingerie elastic.  What can I say?  I was far too impatient to wait for some new elastic to arrive.  As for the rings and slides, I just bought those from Bra Essentials.  I love the idea of having metallic rings and slides so I don't have to worry about anything matching or coordinating.

So not bad for mostly just using materials leftover from other projects, right?  Don't congratulate me too much though, because I just put in a big order from Sew Sassy for some new supplies.  I'm hooked, people!  Send help soon!


  1. Glad you found one that worked for you! I'd need scaffolding...

  2. It looks lovely. Very elegant.
    You've got me laughing thinking what my underwear would look like if it were made from "things scavenged from around the house". Rainbow loom band fasteners do actually look a bit like bra hardware.....

  3. Uh oh, you've really drunk the Koolaid, haven't you? ;-) It's going to be all bras, all the time now, huh? I too had a good chuckle at"things scavenged from around the house" - I was like, I don't see any rubberbands, duct tape, or macrame plant hangers incorporated in them, whatever could she mean? Also, Katy, I need scaffolding too! LOL! Do they even make bra patterns in my cup size? I am afraid to look!

    1. Okay, I had to look, and YES! The Watson does come in my size! Whoa! Of course, I would still probably want underwire if it were to be a daytime bra, but I am nonetheless impressed. Well done, that is a nice size range.

  4. Looks like a real bra to me! Very elegant! Maybe once I stop wearing nursing camis every day and regain control of my boobs I'll have to give bra sewing a whirl...

  5. This is super impressive! And sexy too! You are a rock star!


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