Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes


I'm no master sewer by any stretch of the imagination, but I can look at most basic garments and have a general idea of how they go together.  Not so with this shirt, though.  The construction of it had me scratching my head until I was able to go through the instructions and see how all the parts go together to make that fabulous little front detail.  So simple and so ingenious! As if we would expect anything less from Liesl, right?

The pattern is the Weekend Getaway Blouse from Liesl and Company and it was released quite a while ago but I just got around to buying it from Pink Chalk Fabrics thanks to a birthday gift card from my sister (thanks, Debbie!).  The fabric is a Tina Givens voile from the Pagoda Lullaby line and in making this shirt it was saved from the wreckage of a failed project.  A couple months ago I attempted to make a kimono based off of this tutorial and let's just say that I looked nowhere near as cute as she did in her kimono when all was said and done.  The only redeeming thing about the project was that it called for pretty large fabric pieces so it was easy to reuse the fabric after  making peace with my disappointment.

As for pattern itself, I cut out a straight size 2 based on the size recommendations and I didn't make any modifications to the pattern.  Next time around I'll probably add some length because I prefer shirts on the longer side and I'll probably curve the hem a bit just because I usually wear my shirts untucked and I like the look of a curved hem better.  That's just me being picky though, because as it is right now it's perfectly wearable and perfectly lovely.  The pattern is so simple to put together that I'm imagining it in all sort of other sumptuous silk!  Sewing with silk kind of scares the heck out of me, but I figure that this should be a pretty easy pattern to try out my non-existent silk sewing skills on.  Wish me luck!

And here it is untucked just in case you were wondering about the length


  1. So cute!!! This is on my "to-sew" list as well, I have had the pattern forever! I do wear drapey blouses tucked into skirts pretty often, so the style is perfect for me, I just haven't gotten off my duff to actually sew it. I'm glad you were able to reclaim a failed project - wasting fabric is the WORST feeling, huh?

  2. So lovely! You look very pretty. The blouse will look beautiful in silk. Go for it. I just made a silk dress (for Ania, because silk and kids totally mix, ahem) and it's totally doable. I have tips on the blog too, strictly from my experience as an unexperienced silk handler. :)

  3. oh it's so pretty! i want to make another of these and will add some length too - after a wash or two the one i made (while i was pregnant) is just a tiny bit too short. i prewashed, too! also love it in this fabric. very nice, very nice.

  4. So nice, and looks fresh with that skirt ;o)

  5. This is so pretty and looks great on you. It's a fun sew, huh?
    I added length to my first one, but forgot to with the second one so hemmed it with bias to preserve some length.
    I pinned that kimono tutorial last week - even pulled out some silk to try it, but don't think it would work for me either!

  6. Perfect for springtime! (which I'm guessing it's not where you live!)
    You look lovely, the sizing is spot on and the fabric looks just right. I think the only not-so-good Weekend Getaways I've seen have been because the fabric was a bit too stiff. It really works with something drapey like yours.

  7. This is gorgeous! Your sewing is impeccable - always! And you are stunning - always!

  8. Your shirt is beautiful! And your skirt too :)

  9. Anonymous6.10.14

    Such a lovely blouse - I'm tempted to try this pattern next (PS: I also agree with the length - a few inches would make it perfect for wearing it un-tucked).


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