The End Of A Career


A couple years ago Ben decided that he wanted to try his hand at track bike racing, but after his third practice race he called me and told me that there had been a large crash and one of the rider's thumbs had been completely amputated in the crash.  And so I told him that I hope he enjoyed his short but illustrious track bike racing career because I like my men with both thumbs, thank you very much.  And that's how I feel about my attempts at sewing hats - that I've come to the end of my very short and (not so) illustrious career when it comes to sewing hats.

I was totally intrigued by the idea of making a little hat with Sew Liberated's Huck Finn Cap pattern.  I mean, how neat is it to create a fully shaped 3-D object from some flat fabric?  Unfortunately, I learned while making this little cap that my hat-making skills are subpar.  Actually, the whole thing went fine until I got to the very end where you attach the sweatband and then I had all sorts of trouble sewing through all the layers of the fabric and the thick bill.  I ripped it all out once in an attempt to get it just right but after a failed follow-up attempt I said "screw it."  It is what it is.

There are puckers where there are not supposed to be puckers and I never got around to tacking down the front of the hat to make it more of a "newsboy" style because I realized that my bill was sewn on slightly off-center (although, I actually kind of like this look just as much as the "newsboy" style).  And while the outside of the hat may look okay (if you don't look too closely) the inside is kind of a disaster.  Oh, and did I mention that I had to bribe my child with M&M's to get her to wear the hat so that I could take a picture?  And let's not forget what ended up happening with my first attempt at a sewn hat.

I think I'll be sticking with knit hats in the future.  Those seem to go a little better.


  1. Hahahaha! I clicked back to your last sewn hat! Nice!

    This is actually really really cute, and I wouldn't have noticed the flaws if you hadn't pointed them out. It looks hip and slouchy.

    Hey, at least you have your thumbs, right?

  2. So cute! (both the hat and the baby!)

  3. you, my dear, are way too hard on yourself. the hat is awesome! it looks so cute on her!

    i clicked back to your first hat. hahaha! we've all had that happen. i had it happen on a quilt i spent at least 60 hours on. frustrating? very. :/

  4. it's cute! it's truly not THAT bad! and maybe for summertime, before you hang up your hat-sewing completely, give the oliver + s bucket hat a whirl. it's a free pattern and i feel like it's super painless to sew but very practical for fair-skinned kids in the sun. i figured you'd sewn one already but i guess not!

  5. It looks fine to me :) . And wow, track racing? That's hard core!

  6. The hat is CUTE. The tucks are something only another sewist would notice. Bit like the chainring scars on my calf are something only another cyclist would notice!
    There's fun to be had in both making hats and racing bikes (although a track bike is the only one I don't have - I did think a track bike would be perfect for a new mum as you could plonk the bassinet in the middle and get your training done while the baby sleeps. I asked for one instead of an eternity ring, but got neither! and neither did I get the baby that slept)
    There are other hat patterns out there that are worth trying (Japanese patterns or the Oliver + S bucket hat have served me well) and your husband can get a mountain bike instead. They're much less dangerous! :)

  7. I haven't tried a hat it would cause my spacial awareness difficulties to flare up. It IS cute, though. And I have to bribe (pay?) my kids for every photo shoot they've ever done. :)

  8. it looks pretty darn good to me! that fabric is great. i'm nervous now, because i recently bought a heidi and finn hat pattern and i have a feeling it's going to be a disaster! if it is i'll come cry on your shoulder! :)


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