When Sewing Goes Wrong


Once upon a time I told myself that sewing children's clothes was a stress-free activity because you never had to worry about the fit.  You know, a child's never going to tell you "the shape of that skirt makes my butt look big" or "I really don't have the right bra to wear with that shirt."  And most importantly, if the garment comes out too big, no worries, they'll just grow into it.

I'm now seeing the folly of my ways, however, because the one thing that I didn't take into consideration was making something too small (which seems to be a theme around here lately).

I've been working on this little hat over the past two days and was super-excited to try it on O since we were having a much-deserved sunshine break around here.  But when I went to put it on her I found that it literally was only going to sit on her head.

Damn it!  I swear I measured her head and everything.

Mommy, get this ridiculously small hat off of my head!

KCWC item #5

Pattern: Jack and Jill Hat Pattern by Ivy and Izzy
Size: Small
Fabric: corduroy fabric that I purchased at Joann's several years ago


  1. Haha, that is a ridiculously funny photo!!! ;-)

  2. Haha! Wow, I can hardly catch up with all the sewing posts you've done lately. What a pity about the fit, it would have been so cute. But you did get a priceless photo. My kids all have massive heads, as do I. Too keep all those brains in, you know.

  3. How disappointing! I really hate when that happens but it seems to happen to us all from time to time. I love the fabric, great choice.

  4. The picture of her with the hat perched on top of her head is so awesome I think all your work was worth it! Love the new banner!

  5. ha! that sucks and is so great all at the same time! the picture of O with it sitting on her head is so adorable! it is such a cute hat! i love that fabric.

  6. Aw what a shame its too small. Makes great photos though! :)

  7. I love that photo with the hat perched on her head. Very Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and Chocolate Factory-ish. I just had to google the two movies to make sure I was thinking the right thing and lo and behold your little O would fit right into a scene in either movie.

  8. Ack, I have done this so many times! Usually because I'm sewing during naptime (or after they've gone to bed) and I'm too impatient to wait for my children to wake up so I can measure them. Ah well, it will be perfect for your second little girl :)


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