Sunday Brunch Skirt Deja Vu


With two parents working outside of the home, we find ourselves in the same dilemma every weekend.  To play or to work?

You see, we get very little done around the house during the week and so when the weekend comes there is laundry to be washed, clothes to be folded, floors to be mopped, groceries to be bought, and meals to be cooked.

But it's also the weekend - the only two days that we get to spend with O - and the last thing that I want to spend those days doing is grocery shopping (have I ever told you how much I hate grocery shopping?  That and pumping gas...I loathe them both!).

So yesterday I had to decide...chores or fun?  And with the sun making a much-needed appearance around here yesterday, fun won out and we headed to a local trail where we could get a little fresh air while O attempted to not get run over by the bikers.

Of course, she needed a new skirt for our day-o-fun and fortunately I had made one more Sunday Brunch skirt since I am madly in love with this little pattern.  I have to say, she looked incredibly adorable running up and down the trail in her new little outfit (although I will fully admit, that as her mother, I'm a bit biased).

KCWC Item #4
Pattern: Oliver and S's Sunday Brunch Skirt
Size: 2T
Fabric: Corduroy fabric purchased at Joann's several years ago

Oh, and here's my favorite picture of them all.

That's right...don't be fooled by her cuteness...O is totally badass!


  1. nothing like a badass kid. love it!

    the hardest thing for me about parenting is letting go of everything that "should" be done and instead just being in the moment and having fun. I don't know why it's so challenging...but I know when I'm older I won't remember doing the laundry, but I will remember special time spent with my kids.

  2. That face! She is definitely like a long lost sister to Vinny. They are the badass duo.

  3. A very cute badass though!

  4. So adorably cute, and FIERCE!

  5. Carolyn, fantastic header pic of O! Wonderful that you chose to play! I should have done that more often when my kids were O's age - good choice, momma! No regrets! :-)

  6. that print is adorable, and love the skirt and pics! :D


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