Bedtime Story Pajamas - Take Two



I know that things have been awfully quiet around here lately, but you can rest assured that it's not because things have been going terribly wrong.

In fact, in many ways, things are going terribly right around here (although being an entirely too superstitious person, I'm a bit afraid to even write that just inviting something bad to happen.  Let's hope not.)

O is officially rocking it in her first year of preschool.

C has mastered the art of angrily crossing her arms in front of her when we do something to displease her (trust me, it's much cuter than it sounds).

And Ben is a champ who has seamlessly taken on more of the parenting duties while I've been in evening classes.

And as for me, well, something had to give around here and lately it's been my presence in this little space (and probably my presence in your space too because I've also become the worst commenter).

But I've tried to keep a little bit of time here and there for some sewing projects and here's my most recent one - a new pair of pajamas for O.  I loved the Oliver and S Bedtime Story pajamas the first time I made them for her, but they haven't fit her in quite some time now.  And she sadly had grown out of the size options on the smallest size package so I had to pony up the money to buy the largest sizes.   Of course that meant that I also had to tape the entire PDF pattern together and trace it, which is not an easy thing to do when you have a one and a half year old trying to tear apart everything that you just taped together.  Good thing she's so darn cute.

I cut out a straight size 4 for my four year old and the top seems a bit large on her, but hopefully that just means that it will fit her for many months to come.  The main fabric is from the Moda Ticklish Collection and the contrasting fabric is Valori Wells's Bridgette Lane flannel - both super-soft flannels.  So now she is officially all set for some warm and cozy winter sleeping.  Just in time for the super-cold weather that we've been having around here lately.


  1. I always love your fabric choices! So much fun to sew for little girls... :-)

  2. I particularly like the jammy accessories :oD

  3. super cute! I haven't been 'round in some time...
    Happy to see you are still out here!

  4. Not surprised to hear that she's officially rocking preschool, because that girl officially ROCKS, period. Also, cute pjs!

  5. Great pyjamas and very well modelled! My son struck almost exactly the same poses when he first put on his Bedtime Story Pyjamas.

  6. Such gorgeous, cozy pyjamas! And all the better with the addition of a cat mask!

  7. carolyn, i love reading your posts so much and i love when a new one comes across my feedly! i always read on my phone while i'm nursing the baby to sleep and i can't comment from my phone for some reason. i can't believe i didn't comment on this! please know i am an avid reader! :)

    i love these pajamas and give you a lot of credit for tackling it with your toddler not just awake but also in the vicinity of your project. you are far braver than me!

  8. Fab pyjamas.
    Keep well.


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