A Knitter


Once upon a time I was a knitter.

Like an all-consumed, thought-about-it-constantly,  knit-like-it-was-my-part-time job knitter.

I made hats and scarfs and shawls, but what I really loved to make were sweaters (for me, of course, because I'm nothing if not a totally selfish knitter).  And make them I did.  Many, many sweaters.

But I haven't made a sweater for myself in years.  I've started one many a times, but I just can't get up the motivation to finish it. And honestly, I haven't even knit a stitch since finished I this little hat last December.  But recently the knitting bug bit again.  Not only does the little nip in the air remind me that knitting is fantastic, but there is nothing that beats the portability of a knitting project.  Plus, knitting is the perfect craft to do in those two minutes while you're waiting for your kid to put on their shoes, or the three minutes while you're waiting for your husband to finish packing the bag, or the five minutes while you're waiting for the water to boil.  And given that that's pretty much what my free-time looks like nowadays, knitting is kind of the perfect hobby

Before deciding on a knitting project I searched through Ravelry trying to find something that piqued my interest, but in the end I decided to stick with what I love - which is knitting top-down sweaters that I design based off of Barbara Walker's book, Knitting From the Top.  Mostly I love that there is no "trying to get gauge" when you design your own sweater.  Instead there is just an acceptance that "this is my gauge and I'm just going to work with what I have."  It is liberating.

So there you have it.  Me and knitting have fallen in love once again.  And I'm currently in the middle of knitting a little sweater for O to keep her all warm and toasty in the upcoming winter.  It'll be a top-down sweater with cables running down the sleeves and probably just a simple garter stitch body (I'm a simple gal with simple knitting needs).  And I am loving making it. 

Hopefully she'll love wearing it.


  1. I just took a refresher knitting class yesterday here in town in that new Yarn shop. I don't know yet how to increase and decrease but I guess I will have to Google that. I bought round needles and feel so professional now! ;-)

  2. Enjoy being a knitting nut for a while! Do me a favour though, as the daughter of an extremely keen knitter, who insisted on cladding her child in knits, check whether yours are allergic to wool. Seriously, it gave me a miserable childhood at time!

  3. I love knitting, but it is true that sewing is so fast... Portable? Knitting. Fast? Sewing. It's so hard to decide. I recently picked up my needles to make a gift for a friend and it was so liberating to know what to do. I'm a much less experienced sewer, so even "fast" projects take extra time. Knitting feels easier and more mindless. And these days, mindless is good.

  4. i have an aunt who always encouraged me to get into knitting, saying it's such a great hobby when you have young kids. you can pick it up here and there, for a few minutes here and there. sewing is certainly a lot more involved and pins, rotary cutters and sharp scissors aren't exactly kid friendly objects. :) i think i'd be more inclined to take up knitting if we lived somewhere cooler. it's so hot here most of the year that we don't pull out woolens for long. i can't wait to see what you make.

  5. i'm just getting into knitting but i totally understand the MUST KNIT CAN'T STOP feeling, already! excited to see you workin' the needles again. :)

  6. Chilly autumn days were made for knitting. Bliss. Just a shame other things still need to be done. The must knit like it's a part-time job made me giggle... I may choose to look at it like that!


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