Making Lemonade

You know the saying "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade?"

Well, to be perfectly honest, when sewing hands me lemons I usually don't make lemonade - instead I just make trash.  It's wasteful and lazy and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how many projects have ended up in the garbage.

On the flip side, it is oddly satisfying to wad up a project that has given you hours of frustration and shove it in a garbage can.

And that was what almost happened when my version of the Hemlock Tee came out looking utterly ridiculous on me.  Even my 4 year old said "um, I think you made the wrong size."  Perhaps the over-sized look is not one that I can pull off.  In any case, by the time I finished the project is was clear that it was a failure.  The good thing about the fact that the Hemlock Tee is so oversized though is that it leaves large pieces of fabric in tact so I was able to refuse the fabric to make a Flashback Tee for O.

Look at me making lemonade out of lemons!

Find the bird, C!

The fabric is from Girl Charlee.  It's a fairly thin, drapey jersey that is part cotton and part rayon. I opted for a super-simple version of the tee, leaving off the cuffs, and just hemming the sleeves and bottom with a double needle.  Done deal.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to go drink my lemonade.


  1. You can't go wrong with a Flashback Skinny T! great shirt.

  2. Oh I love it, especially with those jeans!

  3. YES! way to make it work. i love the idea of the hemlock too but i'm not sure if i could pull it off either...especially right now. ;) but your FBST is super cute!

  4. Haha, I sort of had the same comment when I made that Hemlock color-block tee! (Miss M. said it made me look pregnant...) Super comfy though so I wear it inside only or underneath other items, which sort of defeats the purpose...
    Love your new version for Miss O.! :-)

  5. Oh no, sorry the shirt didn't work out. It looks super cute on Miss O. :) Love the fabric.

  6. I love all of O's awesome faces! That girl is a natural-born model. Did I see a "blue steel" there? (bottom left, second set of photos).

    Funny, I made a Seafaring Top recently and while it looked cute on the hanger it was too small and tight in all the wrong places on me (haven't entirely given up on the pattern but I need to work on fit) and I remade that into a Flashback for Joe! So I'm right there with ya, lady.

    Can I please get a shot of vodka in my lemonade? Thanks.

  7. Yay for hauling it back from the brink! I suspect that top might make me look preggers though with my big boobs!

  8. That sure good lemonade :)

  9. Adorable save! I really think O and Clem go to the same school of modelling.
    I've actually never completely binned a 'wadder' yet but I can imagine, occasionally it would feel good. I get a remarkable amount of satisfaction these days from binning scraps that are just on the small side of save-able. So rebellious. In reference to your post title, I love this version http://www.flickr.com/photos/calligraphuck/9422516308/

  10. I had a similar experience when I tried out the Hemlock, and it was not cute at all. I salvaged a Renfrew out of it, but I'm still not super thrilled. Probably should have been a bit less selfish and made a tee for my daughter too! :-)

  11. i think this speaks to the fact that you are stretching yourself and trying new things. for the longest time, i stuck to almost exclusively O+S patterns and avoided online tutorials, pretty much at all costs, because i had had some pretty big fails when i stepped outside my comfort zone. it's only recently, after 5 years of sewing almost daily, that i've finally started becoming more adventurous and trying new things. and i have messed up and made mistakes along the way but learned a lot too. i think it's one of the best ways to learn. i give you a lot of credit.

  12. Oooo, that's some good quality lemonade! Love the bird print

  13. Hi it's Nicole from The Girl Charlee Team. This top is so cute! And she looks absolutely adorable in it. Thanks for the link back!



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