Her Saving Grace

Allow me to introduce you to the world's worth teether.

I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been out drinking all night, but in reality I was up half the night with an inconsolable toddler and I was sleeping the other half of the night in the living room with said toddler on my chest.  And for the record, having a toddler sleep on your chest is not like having a sweet little baby sleep on your chest because the toddler is much, much heavier.  And she has more hair on her head which tickles your chin when you're trying to sleep.

Her saving grace as always, though, is just how darn cute she is in the morning.  It almost makes me forget how miserable the night was.

Almost.  But not quite.


  1. Oh, no! My youngest sleeps quite a bit on my chest due to various reasons. :) I always say they are lucky they are so cute. :)

  2. oh this made me laugh out loud. because i can so relate. to all of it. i've had many of those nights myself. and like olga, we also told our toddlers that they're lucky they're so cute! and your girl is very, very cute!

  3. Oh no! We dose liberally with advil around here, and Maggie still gets super grumpy when her teeth are cutting through. Yesterday Maggie was crying in the car (because she was tired, probably), and Joe announced, in explanation "she has teeth growing up in her mouth." Snort. Why, yes, indeed, she does!

    But she is SO SO CUTE.

  4. Eek, good luck with knocking her out tonight ;o)

  5. Oh, but she is soooooo cute. I agree though, it doesn't quite reconcile the pain of sleepless nights!

  6. Imagine if they weren't cute, the bins would be full of babies and toddlers! I bet she looked well-rested in the morning, too. This too shall pass :)

  7. Oooo, but that face!


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