Sewing for Men


Today I'm guest posting over at The Train to Crazy about a cycling jersey that I made for Ben as part of Andrea's Sewing for Men series.  Won't you pop on over there to check it out?

Today is Ben's birthday after all.  Happy Birthday, Ben!

And here's the cake that I made for him in celebration of the day that he was born.  Look what you can do with a cake and two bags of Reese's Pieces!  Who knew?

(birthday cake inspiration from here )

And as a parting gift to you, I'll leave you with this picture of Ben attempting to grow his mustache out during his paternity leave.  He wasn't amused when he found out that I had labeled the picture as "creepy Ben" on our computer but I'm pretty sure that the name is an accurate description.


  1. Oh my word, that cycling shirt as absolutely amazing!!!! So impressed that you can sew with that material... Maybe it is time for a tutorial? ;-)

    Happy Birthday Ben! :-)

  2. So is there a reese's piece for every year then? ;o) Great job on the top, that material is super slippy

  3. Hahaha! Love the creepy mustache. You should see the mullet my husband is currently sporting - it's phenomenal. I should do a post.

    That cake is fantastic, and I am pretty much blown away by the bike jersey. That's just the sort of thing that I AVOID sewing. But you nailed it!

  4. Wow! Really impressed by the jersey, the cake, AND the fact that your husband will let you put pictures of him on your blog. Well done.

  5. You MADE this?! Don't believe it. Nope. Don't believe it. It's too perfect. ;)

    Happy birthday, Ben!

  6. this is so way awesome!! i am SO impressed :)

  7. Happy Birthday Creepy Ben!


    (p.s.. you made the jersey? come ON. I can't believe that. (wow!))

  8. Loved the cake so much had to make one for the 10 year old in my life. I did link back to your blog.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. lol! creepy ben is better then peeper ben! love the shirt! it is super awesome! happy birthday ben!

    p.s. aren't the anonymous spam comments driving you as crazy as they are driving me!!!


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