Ten Months


Ten months?  Do you know what that means?  She's almost a year old!  Absolutely mind blowing.  Especially since this was her last January.

And look at her today!

She snuggles, she laughs, she tears magazines to shreds if you turn your back for one second.

She loves her big sister and fortunately the feeling still seems to be mutual (we'll see how long that lasts).

But as lovely as this little one is, she has not been the greatest sleeper for the past several months and this has led to Ben and I having many a discussion about what we should do to work on this issue.  Unfortunately, at the end of all those discussions I think that the only conclusion that we've come to is that somehow after two children we're still clueless when it comes to this whole parenting thing.


  1. From this end it's all gone amazingly fast! Can't believe she's 10 months already - what a cutie pie. :)

  2. And is she wearing an AC/DC t-shirt??!!! Awesomeness! :-)
    But seriously, she is too cute! (even though she doesn't sleep very well...)

  3. How does she keep getting cuter?!?

  4. Booze would do it ;o) Or a mallet....

  5. Ah, she is cute as can be!!! Look at her impish smile! Gah!

    If having children who sleep well was ACTUALLY a measure of parenting success, the state would have taken mine away ages ago. But luckily for me, I think it's more a matter of temperament, and teeth. ;-)

  6. She's so precious!!!! Sorry you're having sleep issues! Hope it gets better soon!

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  8. Adorable...and awesome shirt ;) my gal is 10 months today too!

  9. She is seriously cute :-)
    In terms of sleep, one thing I have learnt from parenting is that it is never constant and a good pattern (or the other way round) can change overnight - hope things get better....

  10. Where O where does the time go? This freaks me out when I see the blogosphere babies growing up unusually fast. Are we raising a new alien race?!?

  11. How is it I have missed a bunch of your posts? Hmm... perhaps it is because you are truly a just right webmaster. (Best spam comment I have ever seen!) On the sleep thing? Hmm... it's lucky they're cute?? We've always done a bit (or a lot) of 'controlled crying' kind of thing since we had our first back when it was trendy rather than apparently 'cruel'. Worked for us but I know not everyone is into it. The other thing we found helped was to have something each baby was attached to that they slept with - a special comfort item - for two of ours it was a series of soft muslin wraps that they would cuddle and could easily grasp whenever they woke, which would help them self-soothe back to sleep. By the way... ACDC baby t-shirt? Awesome!


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