How Can Time Go By So Quickly?


I've started a blog post approximately five times but I just never seem to be able to finish it.  Perhaps it's because just too many things are up in the air right now.  I have less than three weeks to go before I have to go back to work and I'm spending a good deal of time just running around trying to get everything ready.

Hoarding frozen breast milk like a madwoman?  Check.

Pumping enough to give baby C a bottle every other day since she refused to take a bottle for the longest time?  Check.

Trying to find some bottoms that actually fit me and that I can wear to work?  Check  (because somehow I don't think my work would be happy with me wearing the one pair of jeans and one pair of shorts that I can actually button every day).

And amid all of that I'm just in shock that four months can go by so quickly.  I have to say that I didn't have the highest hopes for how this maternity leave would go.  I felt that baby number one kicked my butt and I assumed that having baby number two with a toddler at home was going to kick my butt even more.  Fortunately I was wrong and I've loved  having the past three and a half months off.  Yes, there were times when I just wanted to pull out my hair or give myself a time out or fall asleep standing up, but in general I have appreciated every second that I've gotten to spend with this little baby and this little kid.

In thinking about being at home for four months I always thought that that time would be spent bonding with the baby but I never considered how much I would bond with O during that time.  I've loved being at home with her and watching her do so many things that I normally don't get to watch her do because I'm at work.  I've loved watching her sing songs and dance at story time at the library.  I was tickled pink when I got to watch her at soccer camp the other week.  And have I told you that the girl who was very firmly a "daddy's girl" has now become a bit of a "momma's girl?"  Be still my heart.

As for sewing, in addition to running around trying to get things ready for my return to work, we have a house guest for the month of July who has taken up residence in my sewing room - otherwise known as our basement.  Plus I refuse to take pictures of myself in front of other people (you know, I'd prefer that my identity as a sewing nerd - or rather, sewing super-hero - remain unknown).  And on top of that, it seems that every time I am able to sneak away for a minute or two to sew, I end up doing something incredibly stupid.  Like sewing for 20 minutes only to realize later that I sewed all the seams with a basting stitch.  Or cutting out a shirt only to realize while I'm sewing it together that I cut out the wrong size (that's right - I'm talking to you stupid blue shirt that is now stuffed in a garbage can!).  Apparently I do not sew well under pressure...although to be honest, I already knew that.


  1. Oh geez, girl. Reading this post made me feel like I just stepped back in time to the end of my maternity leave with O. I was so much more settled in and happy during that second leave than with my first (where I was BORED). The days of my second leave flew by and I really loved it too; being at work has been tough for me ever since. Sorry! True for me. Hopefully not for you. Anyway, good luck adjusting back and finding pants!

  2. Oh goodness, beautiful photos. It's so precious to have the time to spend with them while they do things like in that last picture (so absorbed!). Looks like you've all enjoyed each other. I hope you can find a good balance with going back to work. (And man, you don't get much of a summer, do you? Fluffy hoodies?)

  3. Oh gads...almost in tears! It so wonderful to hear your adventures. You take on new adventures so gracefully. Going to work after 4 month is new! Keep enjoying it all...thank you for sharing your adventures too!

  4. Oh dear, bugger on the sewing, but obviously you were having fun as the time flew for the rest of the time!

  5. it is always so sad to go back to work! it sucks bad actually! but hooray that O is finally mommas girl! yay!

  6. What a beautiful post! I'm so glad you've enjoyed your time with both little ones. I've been wishing I had a job that could justify the price of preschool lately, now I'm going to try to focus on the positives of being home ( and taking Jude to work with me) instead.

  7. Oh no! I just started my maternity leave, and you're making me feel wistful about it coming to an end already! Going back to work after my first leave was really hard - I expect it will not be easy this time, either. Sigh.


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