The 4th Of July

The day where I practice walking over logs with a baby strapped to my chest.

Ben master's the art of being a human sun-shield.

And O discovers her inner pyromaniac.

And as for cute 4th of July outfits, don't go looking for any around here because this is what my lazy-ass was wearing.

Yeah, nothing says sexy like a wet head, glasses, and an oversized sweatshirt.  But let's just be happy that I could actually keep stay awake long enough to see the fireworks.  Small victories, people.  Small victories.


  1. I rocked a similar look for fireworks watching. We let Jude stay up really late to watch them and then he declared them too poppy and wanted to go inside, I said "no we are watching the fireworks as a family!". Nothing like forced fun!

  2. Hee hee, oh well, you all had fun right? Right?!

  3. looks pretty good to me! we keep it casual in the pacific nw, you know? ;)

  4. And flip flops to boot on that log challenge! I and the baby would have ended up in the wet.

  5. Looks pretty fantabulous to me!

  6. you are so fun! it looks like you had a lovely day! xo

  7. Anonymous9.7.12

    oh my god i adore you and your family! i live vicariously through you and check everyday for updates :) you all look gorgeous and happy and healthy and i just wish you all the best...thank you for the lovely pics, amazing craft projects and such witty writing for a mama of 2 rowdy girls!

  8. looks like fun! and your sweatshirt looks super comfy... just the sort of thing you might find me in, too. :)

  9. my whole life is an endless stream of small victories just like that. : )

  10. Whereas we spent the evening of the fourth calling 911 because a drunken brawl broke out on the street outside our house and at one point two guys were beating the crap out of each other ON TOP OF my housemate's car, while a dozen onlookers screamed at the top of their lungs. (Also, the police never came!? Luckily, the onlookers eventually did break the fight up.)

    So, right! Where exactly do you live, and can I move there?


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