Not So Amazing After All


Well, it's official - you guys sure know how to make a gal feel good.   Thank you!

I probably shouldn't share my secrets and just leave you thinking that I'm completely amazing but what's a blog for if not for over-sharing, right?  So, here are the reasons that I was able to get any sewing done in the two weeks after C was born.

1) We were really fortunate to have a lot of family help in the week after little baby C was born and that  help allowed me to sneak a little sewing in here and there.  An extra special thank you to my parents who watched O while we were at the hospital and for two days afterwards and a big hug to my mom who left the most delicious shrimp creole at my house for us to eat.  Just how good was it?  Well, I ate it for five consecutive meals - including breakfast - and I think I may have cried when it was gone.  And a super big thank you to my sister who took O for a cousin sleepover party and then didn't even complain when O threw up at her house in the middle of the night.  Thank you!

2) In addition to having family around to help, Ben's taken three weeks off of work and so he's still at home and helping out a ton.  God help me when he has to go back to work!

3) On top of that, we're still sending O to the babysitter's house two days a week to maintain some consistency with her routine during this crazy time.

So you see, I'm not such an amazing person...I just have amazing people around me.


  1. it is so nice that you have soo many people to help out! xoxo how are you doing? how are you feeling?

  2. Still amazing. I don't care how it got done, you did it! And good job for having O stay in her routine/giving yourselves bonding time with baby C (C for Carolyn Jr. of course?). We did that too and it was great.

  3. I think it's amazing you didn't sneak off for a nap in your free time lol

  4. I still think you are amazing. I'm so glad you have lots of help. That picture is adorable!

  5. Yes indeed - still amazing, and when I grow up I wanna be like you. There I said it! ;-)

  6. I'm pretty sure after growing and delivering an entire HUMAN you were well deserving of some help!

  7. Just don't expect me to be doing "selfish sewing" one week after I give birth. Eating? Yes. Sewing? Not likely.

    It is wonderful to have lots and lots of help, though. And moms who cook. I'm hoping to have my mom around to cook for me so that I can get busy eating after this baby is born.

  8. no. you're wrong. you're amazing.


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