On Having a Daddy's Girl


For the past four months, O has been all about her father.

"Daddy read me a book!  Daddy get my milk  No mommy!  Daddy do it!"

As much as I told myself that this is only a phase, I hated hearing her say these things.

And as much as I know that so many toddlers go through this phase, it was not pleasant to have her tell me to go away so that Ben could come spend time with her.

Given those things, hopefully it's understandable it gave me a perverse sense of joy when she recently pushed Ben off of her new little bench and told him "No, daddy!  Mommy sits here!"

Aww, my little girl is back!


  1. I hate to tell you this Carolyn, but I had the same thing happen to me only two nights ago, only my daughter will be 14 in a couple of weeks! ;-)
    Sweet end of your story though! :-)

  2. Again, can I please pinch those little cheeks on that girl? TOO CUTE!

  3. So it must be only little girls who do this. Because I would kind of kill for the day this happened with my boys. Numbers 2 & 3 in particular have been quite vocal about how I'm the best and Dadda's not cutting it in many situations. Heartbreaking for Dadda and annoying for me when I just need a break! I say leave them to their mutual admiration society sometimes and take the chance to go do something for you :-)

  4. It is awesome to retain the top honor again! It makes me happy too!
    Although, I have to be honest, when this has happened in the past at our house... "ha ha, yeah, suck on that spencer!" is what runs through my head. i love him, but i love being her favorite too!

  5. Yeah!! It's good to be the favorite, we deserve it. We did all the hard stuff to get them here after all. Although sometimes I think if my son was obsessed with his dad for a change, I would try to enjoy the break from having a little person try to climb back from whence he came.

  6. Just found your blog because somehow you found mine! I think your blog is great - I like the healthy dose of old fashioned honesty - and I think we should be friends! :-)


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