Observant? Yes...Culturally Insensitive? Perhaps


I'm not quite sure when my Buddha collection began, but for the past fifteen years or so, I've been picking up a Buddha here and a Buddha there and I now find myself with a small collection, part of which resides on the sideboard in our dining room.

Yesterday during dinner, O looked over at the largest of the Buddha's and exclaimed "big, black boobs."

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Big, black Buddha boobs" she replied.

Genius, I know.


  1. HA HA HA HAHAH HAAH AAAHH HA HAH AH AH AHAHAHAHHA That is hilarious! O is a crack up!

  2. Nice alliteration! You have to start a book of her quotes. It's easy to think 'I'll remember' but I know in my mama brain at least, a lot of gems like that have been lost.

  3. Baby O can always be relied on for a laugh!

  4. This post reminded me that about four years ago a hippie customer came into my husbands work and gave him an unusual looking Buddha as a gift. Something to look after his "son". Ya know, something that both religious freaks and athiests agree, give the blind kid a Buddha and all will be well. Holy crap that thing has been sitting in Rocco's closet facing his bed for four years. I'm too scared to move it. Although I didn't really think it fit the decor of choo choo's and airplanes, I also didn't want to offend any JuJu MoJo out there, so on the shelf it sits... behind closed doors. It's not too pretty.

  5. much better than the (loud) "mommy has boobies!" that I get when trying on clothes in department stores with my daughter! lol.


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