Family-Friendly Crafting


I have been a sewing machine lately (pun intended?), cutting out fabric and sewing it back together like it's no body's business.  But the fact of the matter is that the manic pace needs to slow down a bit because sewing in our house is unfortunately not a family-friendly activity.  You see, my sewing machine is down in the basement and that typically means leaving my family upstairs while I go to sew.  Sometimes I'll bring O downstairs and she'll sort buttons and play with fabric scraps for a bit, but we all know how long the attention span of a toddler is.  And sometimes I can do a little sewing after O goes to bed, but that's usually when I do a bit of tidying up (and I do mean only a bit).  So, in an effort to spend some extra time with my two favorite people, I'll be slowing down production in "Carolyn's Sweatshop" for a little bit and will hopefully find myself working on projects that are a bit more portable.  I'll let you know if I start twitching...


  1. Sewing is tricky like that. It is definitely an anchored craft. You have been putting together some fab sews lately, but I would have a hard time not spending time with that Baby O. That face!

  2. I knew there was a reason I needed to learn how to knit, especially because my son has decided he's scared of the sewing machine!

  3. i will miss carolyn's sweat shop! i love seeing what you make... my sister found this... i will be making one post hast! it is seriously freaking cute!

    your knitting inspires me! almost enough to try to do it myself... almost! ;)

  4. Carolyn, your favorite little leprechaun is adorable. And thanks for your comment on my blog re Kim's wonderful news of her family being safe! Have a great weekend!


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