The Pumpkin Patch


After spending most of last weekend with my buttocks firmly planted on the couch cushions, it was so nice to have a weekend where I was actually able to get some things done.

Trip to IKEA.  Check.

Stop at a lovely local quilt shop.  Check.

Excursion to a very muddy pumpkin patch.  Check.

We took advantage of the two rain-free hours on Sunday to head down to the local pumpkin patch (can I tell you how much I love that we have a local pumpkin patch?).  Baby O has been obsessed with the color orange and word "pumpkin" so needless to say she was very excited to see a whole field of bright orange pumpkins.  Right off the bat she picked out her own little pumpkin and was determined to carry it around the entire pumpkin patch.

That is, until she fell and her pumpkin got dirty.  Then she wanted nothing else to do with it (and she kept asking me for a "wipe" to clean it off...I don't know where she gets her desire to clean from...definitely not from me!).

All in all, it was a lovely trip to the pumpkin patch, filled with mud

 wheel barrels of pumpkins

Get me out of this wheel barrel!

and the quest to find the most perfect pumpkin there ever was.

Until next year.

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