Dear Sarah, I Love You To Infinity


I have a little sister.

Let's just call her Sarah (well, because, that's actually her name).

Sarah leads a far more exciting life than me.

She's enrolled in grad school in Egypt.

But is currently doing an internship in Turkey.

And will be leaving in a couple weeks to do field research in Ethiopia.

I told you...a much more exciting life than me.

Recently, Sarah came home for Thanksgiving and surprised me with a beautiful piece of fabric from Turkey.

I immediately began to think about what I wanted to make with it, but it stumped me for quite a while because while she brought me about three yards of this fabric, the fabric is only about 30 inches wide and has a fairly open weave (which makes it incredibly soft!)  

And then inspiration struck.

You see, Sarah has been using the majority of her time in predominantly Muslim countries collecting scarfs.  Yeah, yeah, she says she's getting a masters degree and working with refugees, but I'm pretty sure she actually spends her days roaming through bazaars purchasing scarfs because that girl has a ton!

So it was only fitting that I make this fabric into Sarah's signature piece of clothing...the scarf.

Only I wanted to make it into my new favorite type of scarf...the infinity scarf.

I love the way it came out.

I think it'll be the perfect scarf to wear as the weather transitions from winter into spring...if only that would happen sometime soon.

Teşekkür ederim, Sarah.
(That's thanks in Turkish...yay, google!)


  1. Anonymous9.1.11

    Is this post about me?! Well and your creation… Rica ederim, çok gűzel olmuş. Ellerine saǧlık. (By the way, just out of curiosity I looked what google translate would have to say about that, and it is definitely not accurate, but you get the gist.)

  2. Oh, stunning! That fabric makes a perfect infinity scarf. What a perfect way to connect to your sister who is far away.

    Seriously, love that fabric.


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